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13 Jun 2022

Helping at a Coin Show

Young Numismatists Exchange | 1877 Indian Head Cent

I like to attend coin shows. When I am there, I can help at the kid’s table. I am not old enough to be a page and help the dealers, but one day I will be big enough to help the dealers. At the kid’s table I can help introduce people to coin collecting. We have trivia games with prizes such as coin albums and coins. We have coloring books and crayons. We have information about how to help kids start a coin collection. We have foreign coins and US coins that we give out when they finish the trivia. The foreign coins are from lots of different countries. The US coins are Wheat Cents, Lincoln Memorial Cents, Westward Journey Nickels, and 2006 brilliant uncirculated nickels. The books were provided by our coin club. The albums and coins were donated by coin club members. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) can provide materials too. At the coin show, some dealers even bring coins over to the kid’s table to give them away. The dealers sometimes give coins out specially for me because I am helping at the kid’s table.

There are lots of people that come to the kid’s table. All of the people that come to the kid’s table like kids. Parents with their children come to the kid’s table. They are looking for coins and materials for their kids. Grandparents come to find ways to help their grandchildren start coin collecting. Kind neighbors and friends come that want to help kids get introduced to the hobby. At one coin show, a grandpa picked up some albums to mail to his grandkids that lived far away. He hoped to introduce them to the hobby and to have a stronger relationship with them. Sometimes people comment that it is wonderful to see kids collecting coins.

At one small coin show after the show was over, I helped the dealers clean up their booths. I helped clean up their booths by packing their coins away into the boxes and stacking display cases. I helped take the coins and display cases out to their cars. The dealers appreciated my help. The dealers are now my friends. I have seen them at other coin shows and they are happy to see me. One of the dealers goes to our coin club and give me a mercury dime at the last coin club meeting. I needed it for my coin book. He is kind to me, and I am kind to him.

I like coin shows because they are fun and I can see a lot of coins that I have not seen before. I even see coins that are the same coins I already have in my collection, but sometimes they are in much nicer condition. At the coin show I also can walk around and buy coins for my collection. Helping at the coin shows makes me happy because I can help people. I also get to see some of my friends and make new ones.


AC coin$

Level 6

I Like coin shows .


Level 6

Coin shows are so fun! So much to look at. Sounds like you are having a great time attending them! ; )


Level 6

Coin shows are the best. It will be fun when you can be a page. Thanks.

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