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22 May 2023

My FUN Show exhibit

Young Numismatists Exchange | 1877 Indian Head Cent

Two years ago we went to the FUN show. While we were there we went to a few educational talks, we panned for gold (and even found some flakes of gold!), we did the coins for kids program and the YN educational program. We looked at lots of dealer’s tables and the awesome coins they had for sale. We looked at the exhibits too. While we were there, we decided that we wanted to come back another time, and that we wanted to exhibit at the FUN show when we came back.

A few months after we got home, we started to get our exhibits ready. I thought about lots of different ideas that I could exhibit about. I thought about Lincoln Cents, West Point Quarters, cents, and foreign coins. Finally, I decided to make my exhibit about West Point Quarters. I had been working hard looking for all of the ten different designs of the West Point Quarters and about halfway through the year I found the last “W” quarter that I needed to complete my collection. My dad was at work when I was looking through coin rolls and found the last design that I needed, so I had my mom send my dad a picture of it. I was really excited!

After I decided to exhibit about West Point Quarters, I tried to learn more about them. We looked at the rules for exhibiting and what the judging would be on so that we could try to get the highest score. I also tried to decide how to arrange the exhibit. I rearranged my exhibit several times until I found the way that it looked good to me. I typed out what I wanted to say and arranged that with the coins. I wanted to make sure there was enough space for the writing and the coins. I worked on it a little bit at a time. It took us a few months to get our exhibits ready. Finally, a few weeks before the FUN show my exhibit was done!

We drove to Orlando the night before FUN started. I was so excited for the FUN show it was hard for me to fall asleep! I woke up early and wanted to eat breakfast super fast so we could go to the show. We got there early and got our IDs and brought our exhibits to put in the cases. Then we locked the cases and went to the show!

At the end of the show after the judging, there was a reception for the exhibitors. I went with my family to see if I had won. They called out some of the categories, and then it was the YN category. They called out my name first! I had third place! I was really excited. The prize was a 1945 2 ½ Mexican gold peso. It is my very first gold coin and is worth about $100.



Level 6

Exhibiting is very rewarding. I always enjoyed exhibiting.


Level 6

That is a very nice coin to win. I still need it for my collection of Mexican coins. I can feel your excitement in your blog. This is great. Keep it up. Thanks, well done.

1944 Steel

Level 3

Cool coin that you got. Also trying to find a few more West Point quarters. I wish I could go to the FUN show someday. Congratulations on winning third in your exhibit!


Level 5

Congratulations on winning a gold Peso. Nice prize. An exhibit of West Point quarters is a great idea. I am still looking for a W quarter. I should start roll searching. Thanks for posting your FUN show experience. I like seeing what shows others are attending and what coins they are winning or finding.


Level 7

Congadulatons on your win.! And you had a good time. Next time try to get a better picture. It would be nice to see. Im sure it looks real good. Enjoy it!!

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