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13 Jun 2022

The Missing One Cent

Young Numismatists Exchange | 1877 Indian Head Cent

Last year I got a roll of Indian Head Cents for Christmas. While I was looking through them there was one where the reverse was showing and on the reverse it did not say "ONE CENT." I thought it was an error because the 1906 Indian Head Cent did not say "ONE CENT" like the other Indian Head Cents did. I asked my dad for a 2x2 coin holder so that I could case it up. I brought it last week to the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) show in Orlando to see if anybody knew about it and could tell me about it and if it was an error or not. I wanted to ask the Indian Head Collectors, but they were gone each time I went by their booth. Then I went to the CONECA booth because they are coin error experts. The first time I stopped by, I didn't have the coin with me because I had left it in the car. The second time I went by, I brought it with me. When I brought it with me, I stopped at the CONECA booth and showed it to them. They hadn't seen this type of error before. He looked at it closely in his hand, then he got out his microscope to inspect it more closely. He didn't think it was mint goop and he didn't think it was sand papered because the coin was flat and didn't have any sandpaper marks on the wreath. He wasn't able to say if it was an error or not. He liked the coin and showed me a picture of a different error coin. The other error coin was a 1969 Cent with string through the date. He asked if he could take a picture of my coin with his microscope that was connected to the computer. I said yes. Then he asked if he could write an article about it in Error Scope, the CONECA magazine. He showed me two other articles that he had written in the magazine. He explained that it would have a picture of my error and the other error. He would ask if anyone knew about my cent or could tell more about it. He said that if anybody answered he would send their answers to my email. He said that if people thought it was a genuine error, I should case it up in a plastic case and send it off to NGC or PCGS to be graded. If it is graded it might be worth "a low three-digit number" but I do not know yet. I hope that after the article is written, there is a reply. I learned that looking closely at the coins and noticing that they are different can help me find errors. Sometimes you need to look at the reverse to find the errors.



Level 7

Keep us up to date very interesting!


Level 1

This is the first blog I've read and I think It's amazing. It was almost like a coin mystery! You're lucky that you got a erorr! I think they're really cool. Do you think you'll be famous?


Level 4

cool! You should post a pic!

AC coin$

Level 6

I would say you just got a marvelous collected coin simples. Protect your findings, and it has been known that oddities may baffle even experts. I suggest, sendero your coins to a well known certifying house. You might have a treasure in your hands that could be a further surprise.


Level 6

Sounds like an interesting coin! Good luck with it! ; )


Level 6

Smart idea to bring it to a coin show. As a YN you get a free membership to CONECA. You should join. I hope you found a new error. Good luck.

I did join at the fun show

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