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18 Jan 2018

ANA's Summer Seminar Book Sale Video

Summer Seminar | Numismatics with Kenny

This is a video I made of last year's summer seminar's book sale held each of the two weeks. Although I love everything about the summer seminar, the book sale is one of my favorite things along with the YN auction.


Today’s video will discuss some of my numismatic book purchases at this year’s 2017 American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar. In addition to the great courses, the book sales are one of the most looked forward to events each week at the summer seminar each year. All proceeds raised by the book sales are used by the library for future purchases. The ANA library holds one of the most complete collection of numismatic books in the United States and the world. All ANA members have access to the library which is one of the huge benefits of being an ANA member.

Each week, an opening ceremony takes place discussing the week ahead. During the opening ceremony, Mr. David Sklow, library manager for the ANA and all around nice person, reviews the book sale rules. ANA attendees receive a lottery number card. The cards each has a number noted and are handed out randomly. The lower number you receive the better as you will be one of the first let in to the book sale. The lottery card lowest number you can receive is the number 2 and everyone is lined up in numerical order to go into the sale.

The number 1 lottery card is very special. During the opening ceremony, David auctions off a very special numismatic book. The winner not only receives the special book but gets to be the first to go into the sale by themselves for 5 minutes. The bidding is hectic and a lot of fun to watch. Many in the audience are happy to bid the price high as the proceeds go to the library. It is not unusual for the special book to have a retail value of over $1000.00

This year during the second week, my father surprised me and began bidding. He told me later that he wanted to reward me for working hard at school this past year. My dad won and I had 5 minutes in the book sale room. I was surprised how long 5 minutes felt and it was great to find some special books during that time. Mr. David Sklow does a great job in sorting out separate sections for world, US, precious metals, resource books, auction catalogs, etc. making it easier to find books. The books and other numismatic literature date back decades and some even centuries.

Another great reason to come out to the Summer Seminars!


Thank you everyone for the very nice comments. I agree, the library is the one of the greatest benefits for being a member.


Level 5

Looks like you picked up some great books.


Level 3

Nice video. Thanks for sharing. My friend lives out in Black Forest. I think it's time to go for a little vacation and check out the ANA building as well.


Level 6

What a great Dad you have! How fun for you Kenny! It would be so fun looking around at all the books! We can never have too many books!

Michael Marotta

Level 4

Congratulations on mamy fine purchases. For me, personally, the books are more important than the coins. The coins (paper, tokens, etc., etc.) are nice, of course, and they are the PURPOSE of the hobby... But if they all disappeared but we still had the books, the books would tell the stories. In fact, I believe that without the books the coins would be worth much less, just curios with no histories. You picked up the Eliasberg catalogs. Those are worth even more. Auction catalogs are very much one of the FOUNDATION stones of numismatic research. Books are written from catalogs as often as catalogs cite books. The Library is the primary benefit to me of my 25 years of ANA membership.


Level 6

I'd go just for the book sale!


Level 6

The book sale is a great opportunity at the summer sessions.


Level 7

Thanks for the information and your work. I would love to attend but physically I am unable. I know that the summer seminar will be a success they always are. I hope all who can attend will go thanks for your work. Mike.

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