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16 Sep 2016

Cuban Coins -- Fun to collect and Own

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Since getting into the hobby/business of coins, I have long found interest and pleasure in collecting coins from Cuba.    I had fun going to coin shows and finding various coins from dealer's tables.    Often times I found nice coins, low mintage, in excellent condition --- and paid a small price.     Ebay would not allow the sale of Cuban coins, so most dealers would sell them for the price of silver melt (I mostly focused on silver Cuban coins, and avoided the copper-nickel).

Now, with the thawing of relations the market for Cuban coins has bounced back.

Does anyone else collect Cuban coins?   I belong to a Facebook page that is about Cuban numismatics and have gained information and knowledge there.

Happy hunting.




Level 4

Received a few circulating issues from a friend that just returned.


Level 6

I haven't really collected Cuban coinage, but I did inherit my Grandpa's World coin collect which included some from Cuba.


Level 5

I have an 1897 Cuban souvenir peso minted by the Gorham Manufacturing Company in the United States. Look for it in a blog soon!


Level 4

back when I collected coin I among the coins that I collected I did collected Cuban coins and paper money btw now I collect casino chips and gaming tokens have fun with your hobby


Level 5

No exposure to Cuban coins. Photos would be great.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

The only Cuban things I like have the words madura or rumba attached to them. Never seen a Cuban coin.


Level 5

BTW...The is a Cuban Numismatic Association in Florida. I see their booth every year at the FUN Show. This organization and they website might help you. Good Luck.


Level 3

I have seen photos of their booth. I belong to their face book page. Thanks for the comment.


Level 6

I like to collect any silver coins from the Americas. I'm including Cuba in that now. Any Spanish type toned silver is the best for me. Thanks!!


Level 7

Never got into Cuban coins. Maybe because I had to hide under my school desk during the cold war. That should tell you about how old I am. We lived in fear during the trouble's. Now at lest I can see what they look like. If you have pictures it would be great. If not don't worry about it. Thanks for the blog I will be looking for these coins from now on. I hope there nice! Mike


Level 3

Have fun! I think you will find them interesting.


Level 5

I have collected some Cuban coins. I have even managed to sell some Cuban coin on ebay. Of course you have to carefully word your listing but a lot of the collectors no what lingo to look for. Cuba has issued some beautiful coins but the bulk of my collecting is from Germany and colonial Portugal.

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