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24 Jan 2019

Quarterly Numismatic Book Review #2: The Red Book + Extra Blog content

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Hey guys!
I know the 2019 Red Book came out more than 6 months ago and I got it about 6 months ago.  One thing I forgot to do?  REVIEW IT!  I read through the book again last night and gathered information needed for this blog post.  

The Red Book 2019 is a very notable book in the community of numismatists and is literally the lifeblood of numismatic valuation.  But lodged deep inside the informative context of this "mega-book" were more than a few typos.  1 or 2 of the typos were in fact more major but most were minor.  Now, this is not the most compelling of the books bad points.  The most compelling was that some of the prices listed HIGHER GRADES being less expensive than the same coin's LOWER GRADES.  I was like "What the heck!".  This happens a lot in numismatic valuation like last time, I was reviewing a recently acquired collection that my friend bought and we checked NGC prices for a few of the coins.  We found the "lower grade more expensive that higher grade" errors and we all wondered how was that possible!!  Another bad point for this book is that they do not have some Civil War era tokens that were indeed quite common and also they did not have the VOC Duit from the 1700's and I'm guessing they probably missed a few others.  Now, I said that the civil war tokens that they missed were pretty common right?  The VOC Duit from the 1700's was also quite common.  Wonder how they missed them.

Oh, there are too many pros to say about the "heavenly" book of American numismatics.  I'll just list a few.  
1.  They have specific grading instructions for people that aren't too good at grading for each type of coin (besides colonials, patterns, territorial, private gold).  
2. They have a detailed historical chapter in the very front for history loving people like me.
3. They list very accurate prices (besides the error) that I find very fair and I bet many people do too.
4. etc.....

I'll give the book 4 stars.



Mike B

Level 7

Hey boss Mike in was up last night checking my cards by the way I blocked the snot


Level 4

That's great. I blocked him too!


Level 6

We all gotta have this book, even if it's the only coin book you own.


Level 6

Nothing like the Red Bk! I agree w/Mike...the regular bk for quick info & the mega for detailed info. I used to like the professional edition.


Level 6

It's a gotta have. I go for the spiral bound large print. I like that it lays flat. I will be buying the 2020 next. I don't buy it every year. Thanks

My Mega red books have lots of errors, and i think that is why I can purchase them for $7 new. My second edition has the same picture of the obverse for all of the territory quarters, every single one. It is a big book to edit and write, so I do not make much of it, and the rest of the book is fine and filled with great mintage figures.


Level 5

A must for every new coin collector. I buy one every two years.

Mike B

Level 7

Good blog but the regular RedBook or the Deluxe Red Book. The Deluxe is 1500 pages loaded.with information. It comes out the same time as the Other one in April. When i first bought it I realized it's not one you carry around it's for the house. Every year they do a special on another coin. This year it should be the quarter.I like the small one when I need quick info and the other one to read all the other stuff they have. Glad you brought it up. You reminded me. Both are good it's what you want. That's a good breakdown you have I appreciate it. Thanks for your time and the information. Mike


Level 4

The one I was talking about was the Regular Red Book. It is a good book to have but it is for the house. The blue book is for carrying around

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