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15 Sep 2020

One Cent Coins (Part1) The Indian Head Cent.

| Rock Hound


Today's topic is going to be the Indian Head Cent so lets get started in 1859 the Indian Head Cent the coin is actually Lady Liberty wearing a Indian headdress came into circulation. The design features for the first year of production the coin featured a laurel wreath on the reverse and only for 1859 then in 1860 -64 the oak wreath with a shield came into play this coin featured a higher detail oak wreath instead of the laurel wreath then the major chance that happened to this coin was that the compasion changed from copper-nickel to bronze 1864-1909 the oak wreath and shield stayed the same.
Resources:The Red Book 2020





Level 6

The Indian Head cents are great to collect! Especially the Civil War years.


Level 5

Growing up I rolled coins for my Uncles many business ventures and I must have touched thousands of old Indian Head and early "Wheat Cent" coins, I could kick myself for not keeping more. Nice Blog, still love the Indian Head.


Level 6

I don't have a lot of Indian Head Cents in my collection but I do have a couple of higher grade examples that I really like. Maybe I need to add a few more? We shall see, thanks for sharing your passion.


Level 5

I love Indians! They are my favorite coin to just sit down and grade


Level 5

Indian Cents are great and I enjoy looking at them. I regret not being more interested in owning more over the years and acquiring some of the better dates. I do own a few Indian Cents though. Maybe i will look at auctions and see if I can snag a good one at a great price.


Level 5

Gotta love those old indian cents. Those were the days!


Level 5

Indian Cents are fun to collect. When you have an Indian Head, people automatically know you have an old coin.

No problem, we are all familiar with this great design!


Level 7

You did fine.I'm also a fan of the Indian Head cents. I always look for those in good condition that you can read Liberty on the head dress . They go for prices a little higher. And show lite wear. Thanks

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks, Rock Hound. I always liked the Indian Head cent. It was the first coin I ever bought when I was about 8 or 9. I still have it too!

Rock Hound

Level 4



Level 4

What are the key or semi-key dates of the series?

Rock Hound

Level 4

i am not that far into coins just yet but i think that the semi key dates are 1859-1909 P and S ?

Rock Hound

Level 4

sorry about the lack of pictures

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