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22 Aug 2020

Online Coin Recordbook

| Rock Hound

What is your guys opinion on a online coin record book like Ucoin. Because I was thinking about Signing up for one.



Level 5

I think they pay off in the end. If u want it, go for it!


Level 4

My grandfather helped me learn Excel to store my data. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.


Level 5

I tend to use a spreadsheet, with hand written backup. Being a certified "Old Guy" I don't trust putting my stuff out there. Any on-line site or computer can be hacked. Your call, your decision. There are many, many different programs out there. Be cautious and never list your address where any one can access it. Good Luck.


Level 5

Just use an excel spreadsheet and write it down. I would uae an online method if i knew anything about it. I need to check out ucoin and see what it is.

I just keep a written record book, much easier to use in my opinion.


Level 6

I am not a big proponent of placing all my coins in one online basket. Too much hacks going on. I am with Long Beard, most of my holdings are listed in an excel spreadsheet.

Doug S.

Level 4

I created a spreadsheet on my Mac so its always on the Cloud if something happens to my computer and its at no cost. If you create one you can add as little or as much information to each entry that suits you.


Level 6

I just use Office to inventory mine. You can also go to Coin World. They have a nice coin inventory set up. I wish you more luck than me. I am kinda lazy and have fallen way behind.

Long Beard

Level 5

I log all of mine in spread sheet form like Excel. I'm using Open Office which is the same thing but simplified a bit. And us old, pre-computer guys need that.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Depends....how much does it cost? I have an earlier blog you can look up on two software packages that inventory and price my coins. Check that out before you decide. I personally don't want to put what I have out there on the internet, because while we have this illusion the internet sites provide security and are safe, they get hacked all the time. So what could someone do with that information? Well, if you have a collection of significant value, you might just get an unexpected visitor to your home. Has it happened yet? Not to my knowledge, But there is always that first time.


Level 7

I keep my record at NGC. There all in my registry set. I do it the old fashion way books. I keep my recrods. . There in my safe. Many use on line. I dont. Yes these sites are secure but so was the FBI CIA and on and on. Even NGC.. . It will be your decision. Many people use different ones for different reasons.

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