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03 Aug 2020

What Are Your Thoughts on the Two Cent Piece.

| Rock Hound


I was thinking about buying a two cent piece for my collection do you guys thin it is a good idea let me know your thoughts on if i should buy one. This is the one that I had in mind


Collector from the Bluegrass State.



Level 5

Go for it!

Long Beard

Level 5

Absolutely. One of the few coins with a unique history, the first to bear "In God We Trust" as seen on all denominations today. And so much more.


Level 4

Two cent pieces are really nice if anything to put your two cents worth into any conversation. A pocket piece would be more useful in that regard though the "WE" may be missing from the motto, but again most of your non coin collecting friends would be just shocked to know such a piece existed. If money is no object though get a red in a slab, because money is always objectified, and your coin even to show your friends will be protected and should you decide to collect something different you will be able to easily sell a certified piece. I also like two cent pieces because as a series there are not that many pieces to collect, but at least more than the flying eagle series.

Doug S.

Level 4

Acquire to your taste and wants. If you like them buy one. I have a few. I collect mostly old stuff and I think the two cent piece is an interesting piece of history and has a place in every collection.


Level 6

I'm a huge fan of odd denomination coins from our past. Get one..Don't listen to anyone here. Buy what YOU like.


Level 5

I have heard that there are 2 cent pieces and have seen them advertised. I don't own one yet either. Like Bama, I'm concentrating on Kennedy Half Dollars and proof sets right now. After reading your post, it's put a seed in the back of my mind. Now, I'll be looking for one also to compliment my collection ! Thanks for the great post!

the two cent piece is a great coin to have, even if only you obtain one or two just to have a two cent coin...


Level 6

The two cent piece is one of my favorite series. If you can purchase one after the 1865 date. They are about the same price as the 1864 & 1865's, but less mintage.


Level 6

A classic American coin that reeks of Civil War era history, it is a must have for any serious collector.


Level 7

I like the two cent piece. I Do have one. I got lucky the phrase in God we trust you can see the word WE no problem. Most are worn off. Thanks.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Where did you get it?


Level 4

I actually am thinking of completing a set of 2 cent pieces! They are a great piece of history, and I would definitely recommend buying one! They only cost around $20 in circulated condition.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Good luck if you do


Level 5

Very good idea to have an example of a 2 cent piece. Be best if you bought a nice clean graded example that is above average. Don't settle for just any coin. Buy a 2 cent that has great eye appeal. You will be glad you bought a better than average example!

I purchased a nice red, proof example about year ago. It's still the prize coin of my collection. Just make sure you buy th ebook before the coin!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Here's my two cents worth, ha ha! I really like two cent coins. I have 4 or 5. Hope to have a whole set. It has an impressive design. My budget for them ranges from xf to au. They got pushed to the back of my priorities finishing Mercury dimes and Peace dollars. I'm three short of my Ben Franklin set and then I will refocus on then and 20 cent oieces


Level 4

If you think you would enjoy having a two-cent in your collection to show people, then by all means! I bought a two-cent piece a few months ago, and it makes for a great conversation piece. I would suggest finding a nice coin; one with nearly full lines and some resemblence of the “WE” on the obverse. I wouldn’t spend money on a coin with details below Fine; I would highly suggest saving your money for a nicer coin. (Fellow numismatist from the bluegrass state ;))

Rock Hound

Level 4

Thanks for the tip, I will make sure to find one like that!! ;)

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