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29 Dec 2019

Collecting Question

| user_71530

Does anyone collect bullion?



Level 4

I have the bullion that I find or acquire from people. I don't directly collect it however.


Level 6

I collect pieces that catch my eye. More of a coin art thing.


Level 4

I have several ounces of silver bullion in my safe. However, that is not collecting in my opinion. The majority of what I has numismatic appeal and value. ... Blessings ... Pastor Greg

I have several slabbed examples of various silver bullion issued by foreign countries that I collected because I like how they look. I also have several pieces of US silver and gold eagle bullion. When it comes to bullion many collectors, including myself, have no problem selling should the price of silver skyrocket.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Most of us collect some bullion but if an individual is only interested in bullion, then, IMHO, they are not a numismatist. I actually purchased two bullion coins for my Christmas gift, they were the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf in the Pride of Two Nations Set released earlier this year by the US Mint (100000 sets) and by the Royal Canadian Mint (10000 sets).


Level 7

Most everyone collects some form of bullion. If you have friends ask a friend that question.

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