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26 Dec 2019

Hello there

| user_71530

I signed up two hours or so ago, and I love it.



Level 4

Welcome! You are going to learn a lot here. New Years blessing! Pastor Greg


Level 5

Welcome to the site. This is a great place. Write a blog and share your interests.


Level 4

Look forward to reading your blogs! Welcome!


Level 6

Welcome. I look forward to some blogs from you.


Level 5

You are entering into a wonderful and informative collecting experience by joining the ANA. I am looking forward to your future posts and I hope you find the other blogs interesting and informative. Once again, welcome!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Greetings 71530, If you want to change your handle to something a bit more personal, go to My Account, then My Privacy Settings. Let us know what you collect and enjoy your time here with us, we are all mostly interested in one thing, learning more about coins. Later, Mokie


Level 7

Documenting world of coins the ANA. Any help you need just ask. Enjoy it.


Level 6

Welcome, There are some good blogs here. I think it is great people share their knowledge and stories.

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