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17 Mar 2020

How is everyone?

| user_71530

The coronavirus has knocked me out of school for three weeks. How's everyone doing and how long is everyone out for?



Level 5

I'm sheltering in place at home with the wife and dogs for at least until the end of the month. Many of my co-workers are doing the same thing, though some are still reporting to headquarters (we significantly reduced the number of employees in the building at any one time, starting this week) and I am very glad that so far we've been able to pretty much operate as usual at the ANA, with some safeguards in place to keep us all as healthy as possible. It will however take me a little longer to mail out YN Dollars,coins from the EAC or Ancient coin projects, or won lots from monthly YN Auctions; sorry kiddos - keep submitting requests, and I'll get to them as fast as I can - thank you for your patience and understanding. And anyone can still submit coin questions directly to me at: sam@money.org Kim Kiick has been doing an incredible job navigating through all of this, for all of us on staff, as well as our members. We'll keep doing what we can, for as long as we can. If you're safe and at home, you might as well go through your collection for one of the best aspects of it's value - that hobbies are enjoyable and a wonderful distraction from the hectic world around us. Enjoy your hobby; stay safe, stay healthy, and stay a safe distance away from people! Now's a perfect time to truly respect everyone's personal space - it's your duty as an American to help keep us ALL safe together (but still don't stand too close together, people!!) Much love and respect. -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


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As of now, it is work as usual. That is subject to change at any time. The grandkids are out of school.

Schools here are closed and the factory where I work might close after tomorrow. There was a coin show about 40 miles away this past weekend but after much consideration i opted out of attending (I'm not even sure it happened after all). Until then I've got plenty to read, and friends here on the blog and forum.


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NO changes fir me but I am disabled and already stuck at home. Write some amazing blogs..Be healthy.


Level 3

Hoping school is not closed.


Level 4

Kansas closed schools down for this week. Most of the schools were on spring break, however. Stay healthy, wash your hands, and don't hoard toilet paper!


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Be careful with coins and dollar bills. Wash your hands. Pennsylvania is like most states. Schools closing and restaurants etc. Be safe everyone.

It's Mokie

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My Daughter is out for two week, but they reserve the right to extend and I very much believe they will. Stay healthy everyone and lets start elbow bumping from now on. (:


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You all will be out once they get a hand on this. The flu of 1918 killed 50 million world wide. No one has ever lived to see this. So just Do What they say. You all should know rules on this. Wash your hands sneeze into some tissues. Don't shake hands. Caugh into napkins. No bodily fluids from your mouth or nose should get out. But please the young and the old .get hit hard. So do what your parents say. And also take this serious. They didn't know the first cases in 1918 would have that result. Stay healthy stay home play games read coin books there is allot to do. So stay healthy and keep your fingers crossed. Life will go on again.

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