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04 Jan 2020


| user_71530

What are points for on a profile and what do they do?


It's Mokie

Level 6

Although the have no tangible value to adult (non-YN) members, they do serve as an incentive for some members to comment more and/or blog more frequently to see their score and standing rise in relation to others. This can lead to some comments and blogs being rather vacant of content when the sole purpose is to gain a point or two. However most active members take pride in their interactions and do provide meaningful content for others to enjoy.


Level 3



Level 6

Just a way of keeping track of the time and activity you do here. They mean more if you are a YN and want to bid on their auctions. Good luck..


Level 7

Nothing. All they do is show your activity. Comments on blogs, writing blogs about coins,tokens,and medals. . They can show if your here to share about coins and collections or just to play games. As you go on and get involved your points to up. The first week I was here I tried to have the ANA get rid of them but there built in the site. I hope I helped you. Mike

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