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20 Jan 2020


| user_71530

Is a medal considered a type of coin, because it’s in the US guide of coins?



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They know.about this kid who ruined your blog I reported him they will take his comments down. Mike

Mike made a good observation about Eric Newman who avoided all medals in general. While the Red Book lists several "modern mint medals" in the back of the book, the only two real medals that should be there are the Rhode Island Ship Medal and the Castorland Medal, both which were used as coinage in colonial times.


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Not even the great collector Newman who passed away two years I think would collect them. He said they are not legal tender.


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I would agree in general a medal is not a coin. Though I would like to hear from a collector of ancient coins as I suspect the definition of coin and medal blurs a bit.


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As others have said, a medal is not a coin, but many are collectible and thus are included in guides.


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Not a coin as many have said. Very good question. It is a numismatic item however.

It's Mokie

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From Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "a piece of metal often resembling a coin and having a stamped design that is issued to commemorate a person or event or awarded for excellence or achievement"


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Medals are not legal tender. Either are tokens but they were at one time. It's coins tokens ,medals.


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A medal is not a coin. Coins have monetary value backed by governments.. Just because as item is highlighted a guide, does not make it a coin.

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