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30 Oct 2017

Coin Show this week in St. Charles, Missouri

Coins | user_7180

Another big Coin Show coming up this week in St. Charles, Missouri.  Three days, 100+ dealer tables, live auction.  Last big show in the St. Louis area in 2017.  A great opportunity if you can make it.


It's Mokie

Level 6

You're quite the show promoter, we need you in Pennsylvania.


Level 6

Thanks for the invite .Should be fun.


Level 6

Too far for me but I bet it will be great fun!


Level 6

Wish I could be there. Hopefully someone will give a report.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

sounds like a great show, sadly i wont be there

coin collector

Level 4

I would go except I live in Florida.


Level 7

I would love to but as you know that is impossible for me. If it's like the last one everyone is in for a great time. I would recommend it to anyone in the area. Those who go let us know how fun it was and what you picked up. Thanks. Mike.

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