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12 May 2017

Double Headed Nickel found Roll Hunting

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I found a double headed nickel while coin roll hunting.  1992 D on one side and 1994 D on the other.  What do you do with a coin like this?  You can tell that it has been cut and tooled into this form.  It is an interesting novelty, but is their a collector base for these?


It's Mokie

Level 6

that is a very cool find.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it is a very cool artifact to own weather or not it has any value


Level 6

Just hang on to it for luck!! I bet it curled your toes when you found it.It would have mine. Have fun hunting!!


Level 6

Just have fun with it! : ) Keep it and enjoy the novelty.


Level 6

It's just a novelty. Use it for fun. Or throw it into a fountain & make a wish.


Level 6

Interesting fine. Have fun with it.

Take that to a bar with a lot of drunks and you could win a lot of bets......

Interesting "nickel". Thanks for the information Mike Burn!


Level 7

They were called magicians coins years ago. I wrote a blog on a paper boy who broke up a spy ring the nickel had micro film in it. True story. Made two movies on it. There nice to have. Like the seller who sent me a double reverse Roosevelt dime. Only he tried to make it look real. Another blog. I weighed it way off. Hang on to I t . Good story Mike.

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