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28 Dec 2015

DUPO Illinois Coin Show - January 3, 2016

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If you are in the Collinsville Illinois area on Sunday January 3, 2016 be sure to stop by the Collinsville American Legion Hall for one of the new year's first coin shows of the year. The annual DUPO show is one of the best for 57 years and still going!

Additional details can be found athttp://www.coinzip.com/dupo-coin-club-annual-coin-show

Or on www.MetroEastCoinCurrencyClub.com

We hope everyone enjoys the show!



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Hi 7180! Thanks for leaving a message. Your rite about one thing. That penny seems to be the one hanging around. That one has the variation on it. Lincoln has six finger's on it. Like I stated this was brought to my attention by the people in the know! I never heard of it till people started writing about it. That's when I started looking into it ,and sure enough the people I called all said the same thing I don't have all four,but I can get you two! I didn't know what to think. Thanks for leaving the information.Mike

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