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10 May 2017

Has anyone found 2017 coins in circulation?

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Has anyone found 2017 coins in circulation?  It seems strange that 2017 is 5 months old and I have not found a single 2017 coin in circulation.  Doesn't this hurt the hobby?  YN's are frustrated because they cannot find current year coins.  Last week the Mint sent email stating they have minted over a billion new 2017 P mint-marked cents just by itself.  Where are they - sitting in Federal Reserve vaults?



Level 4

I found a 2017 P cent a couple months ago -must have been late January or February. More recently I found an Effigy Mounds from Philadelphia although I'm still missing the last two 2016 D quarters since they often take a while to get over to the east coast.


Level 5

Yesterday I finally found a 2017 Quarter (Effigy Mounds) in change. Nothing else to this point.

I still haven't found all the 2016 America the Beautiful quarters yet. And I mean the Denver Mint ones. Philly quarters rarely seem to make it over the Rockies for at least a decade.


Level 6

As of today, a few 2017-D cents & that's it.


Level 6

Yes, from the Denver Mint, 2 different quarter designs and a cent.


Level 6

Not a thing. I believe they are all on the East coast..

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

few nickels and cents


Level 6

No...not anything. I work in a retail business with lots of change everyday and no 2017...

I haven't found any 2017 coins in circulation, but my Dad got 3 National Park quarters in his change yesterday.


Level 7

Yes I have. I have found the cents with the P on it. Dimes and nickels. However by car I am fifteen minutes from the New York Federal Reserve Bank so maybe that has something to do wit it. The Numismatic News reported a cent shortage. I don't see it. The quarters were just released in April so give them a chance. Otherwise everything is on schedule from were I live. You mean I can sell all mine I will be rich . I will charge two bucks a piece. Everyone wants to get rid of these coins so why worry.


Level 5

Mike - my grandson is upset that this year seems to be much later than previous years. He has albums to update and no coins are available. At least it appears you and others have found some, so that is promising. Thanks for the feedback.

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