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10 Sep 2016

Missouri Numismatic Society 2016 Wooden Nickels

Exonumia | user_7180

In case you missed the opportunity to visit the July MNS (Missouri Numismatic Society) coin show they passed out wonderful wooden nickels with images of the US Mint 2016 Centennial Gold Coins.



Level 6

Very attractive, with the 3 1916 coin designs. I am sure they were popular.


Level 6

Nice wooden nickel. I imagine many people will be trying to get one. Thanks!


Level 6

Cool! Maybe that's how we should all collect the series! haha Wish the wooden nickels were available.


Level 6

It is nice when clubs pass items out or for a low cost.It always brings back memories from the show.


Level 7

I like those wooden nickels. The only problem Is I cant find them anywhere. I know shows have them and some clubs . I like the one in the picture thanks for that. If I can't own them at least I can look at them!

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