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14 Jul 2015

Wizard Coin Supply

| user_7180

Can anyone provide feedback on their experiences with purchasing from the Wizard Coin Supply? Accuracy of orders. Timeliness of delivery. Response to returns. Quality of products. I am looking to order some coin albums and coin capsules. Thanks in advance for the feedback!!!


It's Mokie

Level 6

Love them, Wayne Herndon is a great guy.


Level 2

i love them they sell stuff for cheap but its brands i know and love


Level 7

Well you cant beat a good endorsement and a discount! Anyone who delivers in three days has my vote. I hate waiting for coins and supplies. Take care hope it works out for you. Mike.


Level 2

I have used Wizard Coin Supply and like their service. The discount makes it even better.


Level 5

I bought some rolls from them. They were delivered in three days and are great.


Level 5

I haven't bought anything personally, but if the ANA trusts them, I do.


Level 5

I have never bought anything from them but I think they would be good if the Ana talks about them alot


Level 5

I would think so too, just thought I would look for any feedback first.


Level 6

I've personally never bought from them but I don't think the ANA would back them if they weren't on the up and up!

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