Australian Kookaburra Series

28 May 2015

Australian Kookaburra Series


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I like how they always pose the bird differently each year. The detailing on the wooden fence the bird is sitting on was spot on.


Level 6

I'm a bird lover, so I really like this!


Level 6

I'ma big fan...


Level 4

that is very cool11


Level 7

You have good taste my friend. Good series to get involved in. I'll make this easy. I've seen all the coins. You have a collector's eye. I don't like racking up points. Mike


Level 6

These are great! I have a couple different designs and also bought the 2 oz. size.


Level 5

Nice. I enjoy this series because the design changes every year and it has been around long enough to make it a good size collection.

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