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15 Mar 2021


| Coin Collecting With Tyler

Hello Everyone I just wanted to let you know that i haven’t been on the ANA that much because I have my own Coin roll hunting YouTube channel! I would love for you to subscribe and check out my channel! I do coin live streams, auctions, and coin roll hunts!Here is my channelhttps://youtu.be/MJS4zxM4tU0I would love for your support! Thank you I might be going to the Long Beach coin expo this summer unless it gets canceled! I would love to see you on my channel! I do daily videos and also giveaways!


Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Done since May of 2020!


Level 5

Still too many coin shows canceled. Good luck.


Level 7

I'm sorry I don't do you tube. I watched some and they just didn't make it. I have been collecting 27 years now.. I'm happy here. By the way you should have a little respect . I'm Irish born there. That so called coin I believe is for Saint Patrick's day . Well I would appreciate it if you took it down. It's a holiday for a Saint very dear to us. And we take this day very serious. That is disrespectful to a Saint of the Irish people.

How is that being disrespectful? I am a kid that has a YouTube channel and chose to make a logo to honor st. Patricks day. What is the problem? How is that offensive

It's Mokie

Level 6

will definitely check it out.


Level 5

Thanks, will take a look. Ill be starting one up this summer (;


Level 5

I did check you out. Very enjoyable youtube channel. Will watch again.


Level 6

Thanks! I'll take a look. Hope you get to go to the Long Beach Show! ; )


Level 4

cool. Interesting picture

Thank you! I suggest you check it out!

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