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28 Jul 2016


World's Fair of Money | World_Coin_Nut

August is almost here and for me that means a trip to Anaheim. Since moving to Indianapolis I have been able to attend a number of local shows. I have been setting up a monthly table to promote ANA and Indianapolis Coin Club Membership at our local show. But....I have never been to a big show so why not start out with one of the biggest. To say I am excited would be the understatement of the decade. If anyone else is attending and would like to meet up feel free to send me a message.

I will post a blog and pictures on my return.



Level 5



Level 5

It would have been nice to travel to the show. You will have to tell all of us who could not make it what your viewpoint of the show was. Thanks.


Level 5

I'll be going too! If you want to schedule a meet up, I will come and meet you!

Michael Kittle

Level 4

If you'll still be in Anaheim on Saturday, August 13, our coin club will be having a joint meeting that is open to the public at 1pm. I invite you and all others there to attend for a chance at some great prizes and a great program on Morgan Dollars too.


Level 6

Thanks for all your work with the ANA! The show will be amazing! I'll be going as well : ) Have a great time! I'm sure it's going to be overwhelming to say the least! : )


Level 6

Large coins are very educational!


Level 7

You have to tell us poor souls all about it when you get back. You know it's one of my dreams till I go to that coin vault in the sky. We're very happy for you. And thanks for the work you do in the ANA. The work you do benefits all of us and we're grateful for that. Enjoy yourself when you get there. And if they have a lecture or two try and catch one. Mike

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That looks great. I am sure you will have fun!! And great work, too, really.

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