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11 Jan 2016

New Club

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At the end of 2015 my wife and I made the long move from Southern Arizona to Indianapolis. While there were pros and cons to the move I was more than a little excited. Because I did a lot of research before the move I knew that there would be a number of local coin shops and a monthly coin show. This would be a major improvement over my situation in Arizona.
Now that we are here I couldn't be happier. Lost Dutchman Rare Coins is less than 5 miles from our new house. I have already been in once and was pleased with the initial visit. This past weekend I attended the monthly 71st Street Coin Show. I was pleasantly surprised at the large number of quality vendors. Even though the weather was lousy it seemed like they were pretty busy. I have included a photo of one of my new acquisitions.

The big news for me is that while at the coin show I turned in my application for the Indianapolis Coin Club. This is the first time in my life that there was a coin club within a reasonable distance to my house. I am looking forward to attending meetings and generally enjoying the experience of being in a club.



Level 5

Excellent news! Congratulations and may it open many new learning possibilities!


Level 6

Sounds like a great move! Have fun enjoying all your new " coinage " surroundings!


Level 5

good for you! hope you are likiing it!


Level 3

cOiNs rOcK aNd sO dO yOu!


Level 5


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