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05 Feb 2016

Oaxaca Mexico

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When I first saw this coin my first thought was how could a coin in this condition be graded so highly and not be given a details grade. This is a case where a little research can explain a lot.

These were minted during the War of Independence in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. This area would eventually become a state in Mexico in 1824. During the war resources were scarce and coins were minted on all available planchets even ones that were in less than ideal condition like this one. These are usually found in well circulated condition. I can only assume that this one stayed out of circulation due to its unusual appearance.

The obverse of this coin has a bow and arrow with the word SUD below. I have seen many different opinions on the meaning of the word. To me the most likely is that it simply means south. Oaxaca is located in south western Mexico. The 3rd image is a modern commemorative similar to our state quarters but in crown size. It features the Oaxaca coat of arms.

During the Mexican War of Independence the government of Oaxaca remained loyal to the Spanish Crown. When representatives of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla came to meet with them they were hanged and their heads left out in view. Some early rebel groups emerged in the state but they were also eventually executed. After 1812, insurgents began to have some success in the state, especially in the areas around Huajuapan de Len, where Valerio Trujano defended the city against royalist forces until Jos Mara Morelos y Pavn was able to come in with support to keep the area in rebel hands. After that point insurgents had greater success in various parts of the state but the capital remained in royalist hands until the end of the war.



Level 6

I love Mexican coins. They combine beauty and great fairly resent history. Thanks!


Level 5

thanks for the history and love the coin! the 2004 one not so much tho


Level 7

Now that's what I call collecting. A beautiful coin and all the history that goes with it great job. I always say I try to learn something every week. This was it. Thanks. If you want to know why there were no details,call ngc and ask them their definition of detail's!


Level 5

Wow! A coin with an amazing history. Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures!


Level 5

Great history.

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