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01 Nov 2018

Collecting Mercury Dimes

Coins-United States | user_72425

After many and I  mean many years of collecting Mercury dimes I discovered there are many level of collecting these little gems.
From top level Mint State to just filling holes.
The ability to finish the set increases as the level of quality increases.
Good luck to all with this set!



Level 6

I love Mercury Dimes! I have a set of my own! Good luck on your collection! ; )


Level 2

To tell the truth, I started like so many others, I pulled dimes from change. Now to add to where my mind was when I was a teenager, I cleaned them all with a pencil eraser! The good news Is I have NO keys. Moving on later I replaced them with some thing better than shinny cleaned dimes. As time passed I SLOWLY upgraded dimes one by one. That got me a better set, but nothing great. I later set up at show and was offered some late date PCGS graded MS mercury dimes. Now some years later and spending more than I ever though I would on PCGS graded Mercury dimes. I have upgraded so many times that I am #13 on the PCGS registry. More important is friends I have made along the way. Friendships are priceless!! You can bank on that, always!


Level 2

I know how hard it is to just get in the top 20 Being at #13 is a major accomplishment something to be very proud of!!


Level 3

Mercury dimes are some of the most beautiful american coins. My favorite dime design by far.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I have about 20 mercury dimes. They are nice coins.

I believe this is your first blog. Can not wait to see more. Mercury dimes are a favorite.


Level 6

A very beautiful set.My wife also collects it. Thanks.


Level 7

Good blog and a great series. You can't beat it as a modern coin one of the best indolent care what your 1916 D looks like I will take it. !!! That's a great coin. And it's nice to see it gets the respect it deserves. Some day since I had to stop collecting maybe I will just buy the whole thing. I would love to own a complete set. Who wouldn't. Thanks for everything. Mike

It's Mokie

Level 6

My 16-D is thrashed but it's in a slab and I Love It.


Level 6

One of my favorite series. Most mine were taken out of circulation in the early 60's. Just finished a mint state set from 1934-45 this year.


Level 2

Keep working backwards and you will be surprised just how quickly your set will grow

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