09 Sep 2021

Hello everyone I just finished hunting through 80 rolls of cents. I filled a Cent board from 1999-2021 ( I had to write in the dates of 2008 and beyond). I also was able to find 12 wheat cents including a 1918. I also filled up most of a Lincoln memorial cent album from 1959-1998. So just thought I would update on some of the things I have been doing.


AC coin$

Level 6

Great coin collection nice. Thanks


Level 5

Nice finds!


Level 5

Nice work! Glad to see you’re back on the hunt. Keep us posted!!! Maybe one day you’ll get a roll of large cents that was in the back of your bank’s vault… One can hope!


Level 4

I hope! I haven't found a large cent yet but the search continues.


Level 6

That's great! Nice collection! ; )


Level 7

Hat's the way to do it. Great job. It looks great. Wait till you put the last one in. It's a great feelinv. Never give up!!

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