09 Jan 2021

These are my most notable finds. There are two silver quarters a 1958D cent and the bag gas commemorative coins.



Level 5

Quite the haul. Finding collection coins in circulation is fun.


Level 3

Those are some really good finds


Level 6

Really great finds! ; )


Level 5

Yes, I resemble all of the above remarks! Those look like some very nice coins! Is the complete bag left over coins from rolls? Enquiring minds want to know! Great start for sure!


Level 5

Nice work! Did it take you many rolls to come up with these?


Level 5

Nice finds indeed......


Level 5

I have found two buffs as well.


Level 5

That is the way to go about it, I use to ask family members if I could go through their coin jars, I didn't know anything about coin values, I just found what I liked. That bag is a heck of a start, and you will probably find coins in there you will keep until you are my age. Just read your Blog, that is cool. Keep it up!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's great, I can't really tell much about them so please tell about that you found! Credit yourself for your hard work searching.....

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