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24 Mar 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket 24 March 2022

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It is definitely starting to annoy me how easy these coins are to find in change. The challenge is fleeting but anyway. I think it is a sign of the times here in Australia. Everything costs more especially petrol and it is the service stations and bottle shops which have so many in your change. Petrol and alcohol.One of the coins I got today I didn't have in my collection (yay) and I've never actually heard about it because it was a special issue from one of our leading supermarket chains over here in Australia .Here's the info on them.Top left.Royal Australian Mint announces official Australian Paralympic and Olympic Team Coin Programs The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), Paralympics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee share their ongoing support for Australia's athletes with the release of unique collectible coins, celebrating Australia's Olympic and Paralympic teams, as they get set for 2021. Royal Australian Mint CEO, Ross MacDiarmid announced that with the release of the official Australian team coins, the Mint provides lasting tributes to the grit, determination and perseverance that is embedded in each Australian athlete embarking on their renewed journey towards the Paralympic and Olympic Games in 2021. References Royal Australian Mint 2020 media release I will update other information when I find it. Because of the Olympics being postponed there was 2 sets of coins released. Cheeky!!!Bottom coin60th anniversary end of World war II 1 dollar commemorative circulation release Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War 2. The design was inspired by a newsreel image. Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik. Year 2005 Mint figure 34.2 millionRight coinLandcare 1993 1 dollar commemorative circulation release The environmental theme reflects the relationship between the environment and water quality by depicting a tree sculpted in the flowing form of water. The design incorporates the logo of Landcare Australia to raise awareness. Designed and sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald. Year 1993 Mint figure 18.2 millionThanks everyone. I hope I don't post too often. And if anyone wants or collects Australian coins I have lots of doubles I'm more than happy to part with for /swap for U.S. coins so the hobby continues and everyone gets to enjoy them.Thanks allLinda

20 Mar 2022

Is this coin special

Coins | Linda_Au

I was looking over my limited collection of US coins my uncle gave me after my dad died and I came across an odd looking penny. It's from 1943 but it's a different colour. It looks dark gray to a black colour. Anyone got any information on it. The condition of it has faired very well compared to the other pennies of its age.Thanks

01 Mar 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 2 March 2022

Coins | Linda_Au

Commemorating the Centenary of Federation. Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik. 2001 This circulating commemorativeone dollar coinmarks theCentenary of Federation of Australiaand incorporates the Centenary of Federation logo..

25 Feb 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 24 February 2022

Coins | Linda_Au

I didn't find this one in my pocket change, I found it in the street out front of my house yesterday. It quite possibly was from my autistic son's school canteen change which would be a bonus in itself that he remembered to almost bring it home. Anyway it will add to the collection.

21 Feb 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 21 February 2022

Coins | Linda_Au

Australian 50 cent 2004 native fauna YEAR 2001-2004 DENOMINATION 50 Cents In 2003 the Royal Australian Mint invited Australian Primary School Students to enter a competition to design a 50 cent coin with the theme 'Australia'. A panel of judges selected five finalists based on the criteria of artistic merit commemorative appropriateness and suitability for minting. The designs were published on the Royal Australian Mint's web site and the public were asked to vote for their favorite. The winning entry was submitted by John Serrano a year 5/6 student from St. Peter's Primary School East Keilor Victoria. John's hand-drawn design incorporates three Australian fauna icons - a koala holding onto a gum tree a lorikeet with wings outstretched and a wombat. Mint designer Vladimir Gottwald has faithfully sculpted the design to accurately reproduce the artist's drawing.

16 Feb 2022


Coins | Linda_Au

When it rains it pours....... i got 3 of the same in my pocket change at 3 different shops over 2 days. pity i already had this one. somebody must be burning through a collection at the bottle shop.Australia 2002 Outback DollarYear of Issue 2002Denomination $1Metal Aluminium Bronze2002 was designated as the Year of the Outback, to celebrate that part of Australia that is so internationally famous (but actually lived in by very few Australians). With more than 7000 activities held Australia wide during the year the RAM decided to cash in on the event by releasing the 2002 Year of the Outback dollar.The Year of the Outback dollar was the circulation dollar for 2002 (34 million minted)

14 Feb 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 14 february 2022

Coins | Linda_Au

Australian 5 Cents"50 Years of Decimal Currency"Five Cents 2016 ChangeoverOn the 50th anniversary of Australian decimal currency, the Royal Australian Mint released a special series of coins commemorating the earlier, pre-decimal currency of the country.The story of Australian currency runs parallel with the nation's history of progression. As early European settlers improvised a monetary system, international coins, promissory notes and the infamous rum trade were all visible in the early 1800s. The first coins "minted" in Australia were created by removing a piece from the centre of a Spanish dollar, forming two separate coins known as the Holey Dollar and Dump.The gold rush of the mid-19th Century resulted in many unofficial tokens and ingots until the Sydney Mint opened in 1855, producing sovereigns which were largely identical to their British counterparts. This English influence remained strong and the new national currency of 1910 inevitably emulated English pounds, shillings and pence.On 14 February 1966, the changeover to decimal currency transformed the nation, as Australia joined a worldwide currency trend.

10 Feb 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 10 february 2022

Coins | Linda_Au

In my pocket change todayCentenary of Scouts 2008 $1Year of Issue 2008Denomination $1• Celebrates the 100thanniversary of Scouting in Australia• Australian legal tender from the Royal Australian Mint• Becoming harder to find in change in higher grades•Scouts Australia was founded 100 years ago. We all know just how big a part of our culture the Scouts have become since then, with over 60,000 scouts spread across the country.Scouts have an incredible record of success in contributing to their communities, many becoming national and international leaders. Eleven of the 12 men who have walked on the moon, former US President Bill Clinton, Walt Disney and David Beckham were all active Scouts.Closer to home the scouting movement has seen the involvement of world champion driver Sir Jack Brabham, TV personality Jamie Durie and adventurer and businessman Dick Smith.


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