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24 Mar 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket 24 March 2022

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It is definitely starting to annoy me how easy these coins are to find in change. The challenge is fleeting but anyway. I think it is a sign of the times here in Australia. Everything costs more especially petrol and it is the service stations and bottle shops which have so many in your change. Petrol and alcohol.
One of the coins I got today I didn't have in my collection (yay) and I've never actually heard about it because it was a special issue from one of our leading supermarket chains over here in Australia .
Here's the info on them.
Top left.
Royal Australian Mint announces official Australian Paralympic and Olympic Team Coin Programs

The Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), Paralympics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee share their ongoing support for Australia's athletes with the release of unique collectible coins, celebrating Australia's Olympic and Paralympic teams, as they get set for 2021.

Royal Australian Mint CEO, Ross MacDiarmid announced that with the release of the official Australian team coins, the Mint provides lasting tributes to the grit, determination and perseverance that is embedded in each Australian athlete embarking on their renewed journey towards the Paralympic and Olympic Games in 2021.


Royal Australian Mint 2020 media release

I will update other information when I find it. Because of the Olympics being postponed there was 2 sets of coins released. Cheeky!!!

Bottom coin
60th anniversary end of World war II 1 dollar commemorative circulation release

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of World War 2. The design was inspired by a newsreel image. Sculpted by Wojciech Pietranik.
Year 2005
Mint figure 34.2 million

Right coinLandcare 1993 1 dollar commemorative circulation release

The environmental theme reflects the relationship between the environment and water quality by depicting a tree sculpted in the flowing form of water. The design incorporates the logo of Landcare Australia to raise awareness.
Designed and sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald.
Year 1993
Mint figure 18.2 million

Thanks everyone. I hope I don't post too often. And if anyone wants or collects Australian coins I have lots of doubles I'm more than happy to part with for /swap for U.S. coins so the hobby continues and everyone gets to enjoy them.Thanks allLinda



Level 5

Some nice coins. Designs with intent and purpose.

Long Beard

Level 5

I think what sets the commemoratives of Australia apart is the randomness of each issue. Few tend to follow a category or program like they do here in the States. And that makes them unique and highly desirable. Congrats on finding the unknown!


Level 5

You picked up some very nice commemoratives Linda. Thanks for sharing them and the information about them!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Keep it up Linda, we love to hear about interesting commemoratives from around the world. I personally think the products put out by the Royal Australian Mint are absolutely gorgeous.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Wooow ! Beautiful commemorative coins .


Level 6

Very nice! Enjoyed reading your blog. You don't post too often... ; )


Level 6

Nicely done. I enjoyed this blog. Some amazing coins in your change for sure. Thanks. Great offer as well.


Level 5

Very nice coins. I collect some Australian coins as they fit a theme I am pursuing in my collection. I like the symbolism of the water-flowing leaves.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I really enjoy your coins, Linda!


Level 7

The environment is very important. And to coins as well. Left unprotected it will take its toll on them. Petrol is getting expensive here also. Those are nice coins. Remembering the end of the war is very important. Those lives lost we always will remember. Very nice coins thanks for sharing them with us. Mike.

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