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25 Feb 2022

Commemorative coins in my pocket change 24 February 2022

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I didn't find this one in my pocket change, I found it in the street out front of my house yesterday. It quite possibly was from my autistic son's school canteen change which would be a bonus in itself that he remembered to almost bring it home. Anyway it will add to the collection.

Year 1988
Value 1 Dollar
Type Circulating commemorative coin
This one dollar coin reminds Australians of the original Aboriginal inhabitants of our nation. The reverse depicts aboriginal artwork- a stylised kangaroo on a backdrop of a seven pointed (Federation) star. When one of these is received in change, it is a reminder of the native Koori people that were displaced by European settlement.
Issued by the RAM into circulation to commemorate the Bi-Centenary of the First Fleet. This was 200 years since Captain Arthur Phillip, the commander of the First Fleet, planted the British Flag at Sydney Cove which signified the beginning of European settlement.



Level 5

Now that is a cool find.


Level 6

Nice blog and very cool coin! ; )


Level 6

Man! I never find coins just laying around. Good luck to you and your son.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You all down under have some great coins!

AC coin$

Level 6

Great commemorative coing Nice blog . Awesome


Level 5

Nice coin and great information! Thanks for sharing.

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