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20 Mar 2022

Is this coin special

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I was looking over my limited collection of US coins my uncle gave me after my dad died and I came across an odd looking penny. It's from 1943 but it's a different colour. It looks dark gray to a black colour. Anyone got any information on it. The condition of it has faired very well compared to the other pennies of its age.Thanks



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Mike has stated the history perfectly. Even a common piece has value you assign to it like from your dad.


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That is a 1943-P steel cent. Nice find.


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That is a steel cent that was produced by the US Mint only in 1943 due to a need of copper for the war effort. If you have any 1944 or 1945 cents, those are made of recycled bronze from bullet shells.


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Great history associated with the steel cent


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Nice. Thanks for sharing these cents. ; )


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Like everybody says. Put it to a magnet. If it doesn't stick and is genuine, you have something good $$. Thanks.

Long Beard

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The Lincoln Cent has been the number one collected coin in the U.S. for over one-hundred years. Those which you are sharing all appear in mint state grades, the 1943 maybe a high AU at the worst. Nice beginning!

AC coin$

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Great 1943 steel coin , 1998 D , 2006 D , 2011 D , great cent coin collections with good value that collectors seek everywhere .


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That cent as we call them is from 1943. By the way sorry about your dad. That's hard when we lose a parent. . During WW II we needed copper for ammunition. So they made the cents out of steel. It MS condition 67 and above there worth allot. Unfortunately they rusted from the elements. They did there job and it shows on most of them. They are available in MS. 66 all three mints. But be careful there are those that have been refurbished. There not worth anything. The coin you show looks very nice. I hope I helped.

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