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01 Mar 2018

Coinstar find

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It has been awhile since I posted.  I thought I would share my latest find.  I have a thing for the Coinstar machine.  Every time I walk by the machine I always have to take a quick peek in the reject bin.  The other day I walked by  and I seen a hand full of change in the machine.  So like normal I grabbed the change.  When I came home I started looking through what I found; I found a 1/2 Franc from 1977,  I found a modern Canadian dime, and 2 tokens not worth anything.  But then I pulled out a dime and it was a 1962D silver dime.   The dime is not worth much but silver content, but I found another silver dime.  My brother and I run metal detectors and collect coins and we are both quite competitive; hey nothing like a friendly competition between brother and sister.    So being the nice sister I am, I had to call and leave a message just to rub it in a little that I found a silver dime.  So I left a message but I was not done.  The next day I made it a point to call him up again to rub it in.  He picks up the phone and the first thing he said was "calling to rub it in"  and I replied "yep."  The point is from all of this is to make sure you  are checking your pocket change or any coins you find; you never know what you will find.  A couple of years ago a friend and I were at a convenient store and got a Walking Liberty half in change.   Happy collecting.

Sherri Speck



Level 3

Thank you for all the comments. It's nice to see other people are addicted to checking the Coinstar machines just like me and all the interesting finds people came across. Thank you everyone.


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I always love checking coinstar machines, but I have never found anything like that. Most people hear the coins drop into it in my case. :) That is a great find! Keep collecting! (By the way, I know what you mean about the sibling rivalries and competition, my sister and brother and I are like that too, lol)

Yeah, the Coinstar reject bin is definetly worth checking out. Most change machines spit out silver coins because the weight is different from clads, which is what they're set up for.


Level 6

Another fun way to collect coins. Nothing like a sister to help her brother out. Happy Hunting!!


Level 6

I have found silver coins in those machines. I knew someone who found a Mercury dime.


Level 6

Great find! I love those coin star machines too...you never know what people will leave behind! Thanks for a fun blog!


Level 5

Our local club has several members that religiously check the coinstar machines. I can't get myself in the habit of checking them although when I do there is usually something in it.


Level 3

This is too funny. Do you think we need to start a new club called the Coinstar club? Thanks for sharing the story.


Level 7

Congratulations on your finds. The fun is in the hunt. I enjoy using the metal detectors. Used it once but I found my ring. I would love to go to Europe and use one. Enjoy your work if that's what you call it but it makes collecting alot of fun. Mike.


Level 6

Nice way to add interesting coins to your collection, at no cost.

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