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05 Sep 2016

And the Hunt goes on....

Coins-United States | ThunderD

Hi there, 
I have always found blogs strangely detached, and I can never really shake the thought i the back of my mind that the only person who is ever going to read this is me as I type it out. Yet I am a Optimus (awesome transformer reference) and would like to assume someone might stumble across this, sometime. So That would be you. Hello dear reader, you are awesome. ok enough flirting. this is a blog about my endless hunt for treasure. I am a Disabled Veteran after a decade of service as a mechanic in the Coast Guard. Years of search and rescue in heavy waves in the Pacific Northwest, hanging on to this with a vise like death grip in 20-30ft seas for at least 4 hours a day, often much more when actually in active search and rescue. You have to understand that in my eyes, the ocean equals death. I am well of the Irony here, join the coast guard when im deathly afaid of the ocean. 
Ok her'es is my logic, First, you work on the beach. See that's one for the pro's column. 2nd- all the fishing I could ever want. and the biggest one of all, 3rd-I became a Mechanic, a qualified engineer, and that way no matter what that ship wasn't going down because like hell way I going in that water. Sharks you say? Shut the Front Door, up there they got Killer Whales. I know, i am rambling on and so far this has nothing to do with coins. i will get there, I promise I will tell you how for the first 9 months in the hobby I didnt find a single thing, and when I would think I did I would get so excitied thinking I was going to be rich off a penny, only to have my hopes crushed when I was informed that it was only machine doubling and my penny is only still worth a penny. Tell me should I go back to the beginning as I was? or just jump right in to my finds? and yes after alot of time and perciverance I did eventally find one, actually two, both the same but one with carbon staining. Damn Im currently out of time. when I find more I will write more. so Thank you Mystery reader, since you took the time to read this I grant you 24 hours of good luck, Enjoy and remember "you're so good looking"



Level 2

Wow, Thank everyone. I had no idea , my self esteem for blog writing just went +5. You all have my gratitude, yours truly, Mister Manners


Level 6

I agree with World_Coin_Nut, you will be surprise who reads your blog. Not everyone will leave a message. I was once an editor for a couple of coin club newsletters. I was always reading items to include in the newsletters. It sure broaden my knowledge of coin collecting.


Level 5

I started writing blogs feeling much like you. You will be amazed how many people are reading. A lot of them will even comment occasionally. By the way, thanks for sharing and thank you for your service.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

If you are going to call me "Dear Reader" I am going to call you "Mister Manners.". Ha ha ha. One thing I will say is this is a hobby for most folks, and finding the right investment coin or jackpot purchase is barely a factor in a person's collecting. but there are all kinds of collectors, and there are a dedicated group of them who are very adept at finding deals that hold, retain, and increase in value. Good luck in your pursuit of the perfect blog and the best coins for your collection.


Level 7

First if your serious about collecting coins you have to find what you want to collect. No one will tell you what to collect. It's what makes you happy. I'm sure something will catch your eye. As for getting rich there are not to many of us. If you have money and can buy investment coins maybe. Thank you for your service to this great COUNTRY. Mike

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