The coin that shouldn't exist?

05 Sep 2016

This is a 1985-D. I came across this coin while hunting through rolls, and almost missed it. I admit I am a new collector with about 5 years in the hobby, but only the last year or so have I dedicated most of my efforts to the hunt. I do not believe this is machine doubling due to the lack of the shelf like edge. This I have learned though trial and error by taking, more than I can count, all my finds to my local coin shop with my hope ups convinced that I had found the best doubles. Only to have my mentor look through what I brought him and hear
'nope, nope, nope". This went on for months, and as time went on I learned the hard way what is and isn't..
well to make a short story long, I believe this coin is.



Level 7

I use the new flashlight they advertise for 19.99 it gives me perfect lite for my pictures. My last one you can see I finally figured out the light. You did better only paying six bucks good for you.


Level 2

Thank you, I came across a "Photo Lens attachment kit" for cell phones from Kodak while shopping at Wal-mart for 6$. Best decision I have ever made while in a Wal-mart. It came with three lenses, and there other two are worthless unless your a teenage girl who enjoys putting photos on BookFace. It came with "Wide Angle, Fish Eye, and Micro". If your like me the only camera I own is either on your phone or your Laptop. So now my coin pics are much clearer and I sometimes use it as a cheap digital microscope too.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I see it, but I do not know what it is. Of course, that is what the ladies say when they meet me, too. Great photos!!


Level 6

nice photographs

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