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02 Sep 2018

Coinz101 blog post #1

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HI every body, let me just get straight to it... if anyone is collecting world coins and is interested in a Taiwanese coin, id be happy to send you some. I'm living in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.  I collect American coins, most of them are are around 1980 or earlier.  I haven't been able to find any good dealers in Texas but when I was able to find one that was in Massachusetts. they had a pretty big collection and gave me a 1945 steel Lincoln head cent for free.  I bought a good price for a 1956 proof Franklin half and an about uncirculated mercury dime. I had brought my 2019 edition red book, and they gave me 5 dollars off the half and 30 dollars off the dime. The taiwanese currency is in NT, which stands for new Taiwan dollars. 1 U.S. dollar is about 30 NT. In Taiwan, they have 4 kinds of coins. The coins are a 1 NT coin, a 5 NT coin, a 10 NT coin, and a 50NT coin.



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Hey user_74367, I am from Taiwan too! Nice seeing a fellow Taiwanese collecting coins alongside us! I am interested in the deal!


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Have a good time on this site. Best hobby in the world.


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Hi and welcome to the best hobby in the world if I can help let me know. By the way there is no buying or trading on this site. Just to let you know. Have a great time. Mike.

Hello, happy to see a foreign member be active. Hopeful to what you will share


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I'm from the U.S and I've moved here for two years and I'm hopeful to learn more about the history of Taiwanese Coinage. when I find something interesting, I'll share it in my blog. thanks for reading!


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Hi and Welcome to the ANA web-site! Great people and information here. Have fun and enjoy.

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Hello, user_74367.

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