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15 Jul 2022

Intentionally Damaged U.S. Coinage

Coins-United States | RSchwa57

I have always wondered why someone takes the time to intentionally deface any coin or paper money. Are they trying to be artistic? Rebelling against Big Brother? Bored to the extent they need to damage something?

07 Jul 2022

The Golden Age of Coin Roll Hunting

Coins-United States | RSchwa57

I was born in the mid-fifties and able to start collecting coins before Silver was removed from circulating denominations. Able to walk into my corner bank and trade 100 Lincoln cents (Mostly Wheaties) for a Shiney Morgan or Peace dollar any time that one was in the Teller's tray. I consider myself a Hoarder, not a Collector. My family unanimously and emphatically agree. That being said, I have roll searched since I was introduced the compulsion by my grandfather. Many Sunday dinners were topped off by looking through 10 rolls of cents and nickels full of Buffalos and Liberty (V Nickels) were still fairly common as well. A Shield nickel would appear nearly as frequently as a Buffalo pops out of a roll today.

05 Jul 2022


Coins | RSchwa57

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision, because the 2022 Eagles needed a home in my storage locations that either:A. Buy Another Safe (Number 5)B. Ask my Lovely Wife to move her jewelry to her SafeC. Clean out All 4 and make roomI decided on C.I had many choices cleaning out the safes. I could sell off all the UNC rolls collected since 1962 and empty 1/2 of a good size gun safe.I could cash at least 5 or 6 bags of Wheaties @ 3 times face and have a nice area available.So, I pulled everything out of all safes. Reorganized everything together for re-entry into a safe. There in the bottom of a safe I have owned at least 40 years was 3 small paper bags. I do not remember putting them in the safe or even buying them. I felt cardboard 2 x 2 holders inside the bag. I stood there thinking what is in here.The short version is the following coins were in the bags. All were in 2 X 2 cardboard flips, no information (Date, Grade) on the flips.Bag #1. (3 Coins) All coins were AG Large Cents 1801, 1805 and 1812Bag # 2. (5 Coins) (1800 1/2 Cent, VF), (1804 1/2 Cent, VG), (1823/22 Dime, AG), and 2 AG 1857 Flying Eagle CentsBag # 3. Only 1 Coin 1878 S Trade Dollar, XF, no chop marksI am still trying to figure out how, where, and/or when I stashed the coins. They were under 2 bags of Wheat cents. Although the coins are not great collector coins. I have 6 NEW/OLD coins to admire and wonder where they came from.

03 Jul 2022

Hints for Newer Collectors

Collecting Tips | RSchwa57

I know that at least 1 organization uses a slogan "Be Prepared".A few tips gained over the many years in the hobby.1. Have an objective in mind you want to achieve, if possible.2. Carry a Grey Sheet, not a Red Book. Make sure the dealers see you are holding the Gray Sheet. You will probably get a better deal.3. Always look at any purchase before purchasing with a loop or magnifying glass.4. Coins that are black, corroded, or damaged should not be saved in most situations.5. Cleaning coins is never recommended, however, if necessary, the least harmful cleaner is acetone. 2nd is ammonia, and finally a dip as a last resort.6. Any item marked .999 silver, 10 MIL, is plated. Anything marked MIL is plated.7. The Grey Sheet has a "Bid" and "Ask" price for most coins. Bid is generally thought of as the price a dealer somewhere is willing to pay. The Ask is what a dealer is willing to sell for. Very rare coins can go over both "Bid" and "Ask". Very common coins can both be below "Bid" and "Ask'.8. If looking to buy Silverware at a YardSale or garage sale, it must be hallmarked with STERLING or .925. If neither, there is a 99% chance it is NOT SILVER.9. TV, printed media, and telemarketers will push MODERN coinage in PR or MS 69 and 70. Therefore, most people think they are valuable. Most MODERN coins do grade MS or PR 69 or 70, so they are not rare. The average MONSTER Box purchased from the mint will grade 55% MS69 and 45% MS70. Anything other percentage would be out of the norm.10. What makes a COIN RARE? Low mintage combined with low survival rate, high quality, and FINALLY, demand for the item.Just 2 cents worth of learning the hard way over many years.

01 Jul 2022

Enhancement for Younger Members

Club Exchange | RSchwa57

The Shelby County Coin Club is dedicated to the Younger Numismatists by having a SCOOP-A-COIN jar available at ALL Club functions.The membership donates: Wheaties (OLD and UNC), Buffaloes (Dateless and very nice), a few silver dimes (common Mercs and Rosies), Tokens, Medals, and lots of foreign coins.Any Jr. Member, 16 and younger can Scoop out from the container and keep everything they get in 1 Scoop.The Scoop is the size of the OLD COFFEE scoop in cans provided by the manufacturer.Last year a 31 S Lincoln was inserted at the Coin Show. It to my knowledge is still in the container.Here is the label on the container. I figured the picture would not transfer. The wording is below.We started this during Covid. The Jr. Members LOVE it. We have added 5 Jr. members, since May.

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