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05 Jul 2022


Coins | RSchwa57

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision, because the 2022 Eagles needed a home in my storage locations that either:A. Buy Another Safe (Number 5)B. Ask my Lovely Wife to move her jewelry to her SafeC. Clean out All 4 and make roomI decided on C.I had many choices cleaning out the safes. I could sell off all the UNC rolls collected since 1962 and empty 1/2 of a good size gun safe.I could cash at least 5 or 6 bags of Wheaties @ 3 times face and have a nice area available.So, I pulled everything out of all safes. Reorganized everything together for re-entry into a safe. There in the bottom of a safe I have owned at least 40 years was 3 small paper bags. I do not remember putting them in the safe or even buying them. I felt cardboard 2 x 2 holders inside the bag. I stood there thinking what is in here.The short version is the following coins were in the bags. All were in 2 X 2 cardboard flips, no information (Date, Grade) on the flips.Bag #1. (3 Coins) All coins were AG Large Cents 1801, 1805 and 1812Bag # 2. (5 Coins) (1800 1/2 Cent, VF), (1804 1/2 Cent, VG), (1823/22 Dime, AG), and 2 AG 1857 Flying Eagle CentsBag # 3. Only 1 Coin 1878 S Trade Dollar, XF, no chop marksI am still trying to figure out how, where, and/or when I stashed the coins. They were under 2 bags of Wheat cents. Although the coins are not great collector coins. I have 6 NEW/OLD coins to admire and wonder where they came from.

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