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01 Jul 2022

Enhancement for Younger Members

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The Shelby County Coin Club is dedicated to the Younger Numismatists by having a SCOOP-A-COIN jar available at ALL Club functions.The membership donates: Wheaties (OLD and UNC), Buffaloes (Dateless and very nice), a few silver dimes (common Mercs and Rosies), Tokens, Medals, and lots of foreign coins.Any Jr. Member, 16 and younger can Scoop out from the container and keep everything they get in 1 Scoop.The Scoop is the size of the OLD COFFEE scoop in cans provided by the manufacturer.Last year a 31 S Lincoln was inserted at the Coin Show. It to my knowledge is still in the container.
Here is the label on the container. I figured the picture would not transfer. The wording is below.
We started this during Covid. The Jr. Members LOVE it. We have added 5 Jr. members, since May.


1 Scoop Per Jr. Member 16

and Under Per Meeting

FREE SCOOP of COINS What Interesting Token, Coin, or Metal Will

you FIND



Level 5

Neat idea. It shows how successful it is. Simple ways to generate interest.

AC coin$

Level 6

It is interesting that this type of activity is taking place within clubs, specially for younger numismatists and their experiences as they grow within the collecting disciplina. It is this way we can motivate others. Good job, good blog.


Level 6

Sounds like a great program for the kids! Good luck with your venture! ; )


Level 5

Awesome! Sounds like loads of fun.


Level 4

It is for them when a Mercury dime is in the scoop. The looks on their faces!

Long Beard

Level 5

A very nice draw for the younger generation. As you've mentioned. Local club's are the foundation of our hobby.


Level 4

You are correct. The sad thing is that the BIG internet and media dealers, and other industry companies RARELY remember that without local clubs, there would not be as much interest in their product. When asked for a $10.00 a year sponsorship of the local club, few, if any, will donate.


Level 6

Very cool. Good luck with recruitment.


Level 4

We find that kids want to participate in the hobby. It is the parents that for the most part do not want to commit the time and possibly money towards encouraging the initial curiosity in Numismatics.

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