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17 Jun 2022

Shelby County Coin Club

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In December 2021, SCCC celebrated 60 Yearsof Existence with Covid-19 cases slightly increasing in our area.Founded in 1961, in the basement of bank in Sidney, Ohio, SCCC has been a fixture in west-central Ohio.Special guests included, a COINWORLD'S, World Coins Sr. Editor, an Original founding member, a City of Sidney Representative, and another area Coin Club Representative.A banquet style meal, short speeches from special guests, a windy speech from me, Christmas gifts were passed out to all attendees. One of SCCC's members presented the club with a BOX of 50, NGC, 1961, Proof, Lincoln Cents. One for all in attendance.The highlight of the night for the Club was when a LONG time member's 60 YEARS of SCCC 24 page Booklet was presented to everyone in attendance. He spent hours writing it. However, he was not present at the celebration. He had caught the dreaded Covid and could not attend.



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Thank you everyone for the comments. Covid did do a number on the club. However, the core 20 people held it together through 2 Shutdowns of 2 and 4 months. Meetings were Social Distancing rules when held. Shelby County Coin Club is scheduled on the 18th of August to receive from the ANA, a 60 years of membership award. With 4 Jr. Members added since the May Coin show, I think we are headed in the right direction. Total membership is back to pre-Covid numbers.


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60 years! That's great! I wish I had a coin club near me. ; )


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Join OURS! $10.00 a year! You can't be there in person, but you could bid on monthly auction coins by proxy and get the newsletter as distributed a couple times a month. There are Coin show flyers, as well as contact info for many dealers in the communications. I am working on getting the meetings on ZOOM. Then anyone can join virtually.


Level 6

Well done. I would give a lot to have a coin club I could physically attend in my area. Keep it up. Thanks.


Level 5

Sixty years, now that's something to brag about! Congratulations, and best wishes for the next 60!


Level 7

Sixty years is something to yell about. That's fantastic. I'm happy for all your members and I hope you continue with your success. Welcome to the ANA!


Level 3

The Club has been an ANA member for 60 years.


Level 4

Congrats on celebrating 60 years as a club. Sounds like you had a great even, enjoyed by all. Here’s to another 60 years of numismatics.

AC coin$

Level 6

It sounds intersting .


Level 5

Sounded like fun!

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