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07 Jul 2022

The Golden Age of Coin Roll Hunting

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I was born in the mid-fifties and able to start collecting coins before Silver was removed from circulating denominations. Able to walk into my corner bank and trade 100 Lincoln cents (Mostly Wheaties) for a Shiney Morgan or Peace dollar any time that one was in the Teller's tray. I consider myself a Hoarder, not a Collector. My family unanimously and emphatically agree. That being said, I have roll searched since I was introduced the compulsion by my grandfather. Many Sunday dinners were topped off by looking through 10 rolls of cents and nickels full of Buffalos and Liberty (V Nickels) were still fairly common as well. A Shield nickel would appear nearly as frequently as a Buffalo pops out of a roll today.

I consider myself very lucky to be born in what I call the Golden age of Coin Roll Hunting.

I have saved thousands of different coins over the years. Mostly cents and nickels. Why? No reason really. When a coin makes an impression when observed, I throw it in an old coffee can. Months or years later I go through the pile of mystery.

I have found a few very nice coins over the years. I have filled hundreds of Lincoln Cent folders (1941-to date) for friends and family. Many COMPLETE Jefferson Nickel folders as well. A few of the nicer finds. I have found 2 Cheerios Dollar Sacs. The tail feathers say it all. A few D over S and S over D nickels from the 40's and 50's. Other finds include: 1914 D Lincoln Cent, 3 Washington Dollars (No edge Lettering), 2 1909 S Lincolns, many Barber, Winged Mercury, Pre-clad Roosevelts, ect. ect.

Coin roll hunters today miss out not only on the more valuable finds for face value but miss out on the fun of finding obsolete denominations in common change on a regular basis. I will continue discussing CRH in the future. PMD coins found are a topic on their own.



Level 4

Sadly, you almost never run across silver anymore. A few months ago though, I had a humorous experience. Went to the gas station for a soda. When the gave me change, (an older lady) we both heard the distinctive clink of silver. She looked at me and said “Did I just?”. Before she could finish I said yes you did. Got a 1942 Washington quarter. VERY well circular, but it’s silver. 😺


Level 5

My grandpa got me started when he used his zipscope and explained what he would do. He and I have done roll hunting for years. Treasure hunting for fun.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I started coin roll hunting in the late 70s when I started collecting and we could still find 90% and 40% half dollars. Quarters not so much ....I've never found a 90% silver quarter while roll searching. I don't get rolls very often anymore..

Long Beard

Level 5

I've been a hoarder for many years myself, short by about ten or so to yourself. I caught the tail end of finding silver at the bank of my father's on occasion when accompanying him. Which surprisingly still occurred in the mid-seventies. Rolls anyhow.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

It is a nice opportunity to collect from early time in life, being supported too by many of our own. I wish you the best in everything you do. It seems though you might have already a nice abundant collection. Good blog, thanks.


Level 6

Roll searching has always been fun and will continue to be for the new collectors. In the "old days" we just found cooler coins! haha


Level 6

Hey, I'm a 50's kid too. I agree with you. We were actually using Franklin's, if you were rich enough. I still like to roll search and still find stuff from time to time. Well that's it from this old hunter. Thanks.


Level 5

I love roll hunting and started it just a few months after I started collecting. I have found so much cool stuff. That was definitely a good age to be roll hunting. Thanks for the blog!


Level 5

Sigh. Oh, the good old days I was never around for. These days, you have to work twice as hard roll searching, to find half as much, if you are lucky. There is some nice stuff still out there, but, boy, does it take time and effort to get there. But as I always say, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”


Level 4

YES! Indeed, it is a fun, enjoyable, and even relaxing hobby. Add that to not knowing what you might find, and it can even pay off in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing RS. Not being as old, some others in here, I still wish I had started doing this, especially coin roll hunting, a long time ago. Better late than never, I guess, but to think of some of the coins I might have missed out on, and coins I had seen as a child that I didn't know anything about; Buffalo Nickels, Wheat Cents, Mercury Dimes, silver JFK halves, and even old dollar coins, which to a kid was just a reason to go to a store and spend money.


Level 7

I also still coin roll. Its relaxing and I find it enjoyable. Nothing wrong with that. I started coin rolling and still 30 years late I have fun!! Thanks for the blog and your points they will help!

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