Long Beard's Blog

26 Feb 2023

The Quest For Knowledge

Coins | Long Beard

While many coinage designs stand the test of time in the general sense, few hold up when serving the purpose of their creation. More so, one man's designs across multiple denominations and several countries is unmatched. The coins of Charles E. Barber, 6th Chief Engraver of The United States Mint. The subject of this week's blog looks at not only the reason but myths surrounding the man. Enjoy!

04 Feb 2023

America's First Settlement

| Long Beard

It has been a few week's since my last blog, largely for a loss of what topic to cover, and as I sat pondering on a cold bleak mid-winter day, with thoughts of somewhere warm one appeared out of thin air. The images of the medal being that very topic, America's first and oldest settlement. Short of knowing what and where this is located, most likely Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, Williamsburg Virginia or even Roanoke come to mind. In which case you'd be wrong. So the subject of this week's blog is sunny (and warm) Saint Augustine, Florida. Enjoy!

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