Long Beard's Blog

30 Jun 2022

Don't Give Up

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Since I've been extremely busy with another project and shirking my duties of regularly posting a blog, this is a quick one. Enjoy!

12 Jun 2022

Why We Collect

Coins-World | Long Beard

As collectors, we have a variety of reasons as to why we collect coinage. By breaking from the golden rule that any good writing should not be on a personal level, per say, in that if so the manner must be as to not distract from the story it's self., the subject of the week will be just that. Myself and why I collect a certain coinage. Which I feel sticks to the rule somewhat as most will relate. Enjoy!

05 Jun 2022

Enhancing the Enjoyment

Coins | Long Beard

The subject of the week focuses on getting the most out of coin collecting. Particularly the beginner, who more often than not collects coins at random which pique their interest for a variety of reasons. More than likely none of us seasoned collectors began with higher graded coin specific series or denominations, rather we pulled from loose change, roll hunted or were simply left a few coins by a relative. As a result, this at times becomes overwhelming filling boards, albums or ring binders full of 2x2 flips containing no specific denomination or series, rather quite simply coins which appeal to us. So making sense of things and bringing order to chaos is the weekly topic. Enjoy!

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