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28 Mar 2021

On This Date

Coins | Long Beard

There are many reasons why we as collectors pursue the small and largely round in shape metallic objects with such passion. Of those the top two reasons, both equal, would be their design and history. This weeks blog touches on the latter, history, in what may be a weekly theme. One which uses a particular coin or coins relevant to the day in which a blog is posted. With that, enjoy!

20 Feb 2021

There's Gold In Them There Hills!

Coins | Long Beard

The subject of this week's blog struck like a hammer falling from a ladder on the head. Which, by the way, nearly happened while remodeling. Here's your sign. Anyway, that in question arose while watching the movie National Treasure with my best half and her son this past weekend. Whether one collects coins or not, who doesn't dream of finding treasure? Every few years or so stories emerge of someone finding as much, whether it be a few coins or notes discovered in an old home or a stash dug from the ground. In most cases by accident or pure luck as some might term it. And then there are those purposely hidden in secrecy for a variety of reasons still waiting to be brought to light. The subject of this week's blog. Enjoy!

01 Jan 2021

Out With the Old

Coins | Long Beard

Well, here we are. Another year gone, another waiting to be recorded. When most of us look back on the year that was, with certainty COVID-19 was, and will be, remembered and associated with 2020. What will be forgotten, and perhaps even lost to history, were the many wonderful things that occurred in a year which many simply hoped would be over. So too explain why some of you may be left scratching your head as to the "many" is the topic of the week. Enjoy!

21 Dec 2020

Roads Traveled

Coins | Long Beard

As a novice writer a rule learned along the way was to not allow the subject to become about the writer. To do so opens the door for arrogance, a sense that one is authoritative and the words become fact. To be certain there are experts in various fields and subjects. Having read many well written books and articles by them, the writer does not enter the readers thoughts but instead remains focused on the content. This above all else makes for a great read. An exception to this rule would be an autobiography, which in a sense this unusual blog may well be considered. Enjoy!

07 Nov 2020

After The Plaque

Coins | Long Beard

To those who frequent the ANA website, particularly those who read the forum posts, a few weeks ago I posted about the then upcoming PAN Fall Coin Show. Though the process of writing weekly blogs, I always begin by putting pen to paper as I research the topic or subject matter, editing in the post as I read from the journal. In doing so, often noticing a similar post had already been covered by another writer. In this case it was Mokie who beat me to the topic of the week. While I easily could have change the topic, instead narrowing it down to a specific encounter which was long over due and quite enjoyable. Enjoy!

23 Oct 2020

Ancestral Coinage

Coins | Long Beard

Before getting to the topic of the week, I feel compelled to share my personally gratitude for those of you who read my blogs and those who reply. As most of you are aware, if not from out right saying as much, the passion I have for all things numismatic become clear in the weekly blogs I write. The numerous kind responses left attest to this. And for that I am truly appreciative and humbled to say the least. Often, I write of subjects which are not up to par, so to speak, and in hindsight that's not a bad thing. There's always a positive to a negative. If ever one feels compelled to correct me, or at times respond with criticism, feel free to air what's truly on your mind. Keep in mind that sarcasm will be graded though. In short, writing is not only a passion but a learning experience. You are the reason for which I do this. And now to this week's blog, the coinage of my island ancestors. Enjoy!

26 Sep 2020

Because I Say It's Rare

Coins | Long Beard

Surly the title of this weeks blog caught your attention, with an impression that the subject derives from the authors arrogance, as if somehow claiming to be an expert numismatist. None of which are true, in fact about as far from it as one could get. As you read on the title fits the subject perfectly. Since becoming a new ANA member the first of this year I realized that my weekly blog posts have covered many topics on as many subjects without any on my own personal collection. Dimes. For an unknown and unexplainable reason the denomination has drawn my attention over many years. The "Hoard" as I call my collection contains every dime by date and mint mark (with exception to varieties and proofs) back to 1895, lacking the tough to find New Orleans exhibiting the "look" I'm after. While there are other denominations, several complete by series as well, from a collector's view point the dime happens to be where I specialize just as some do so in say, cents. Currently, I am about one third from completing the Seated Liberty series. An extremely difficult one considering the many, many low mintage key and semi-key dates. Since I am also a working class stiff, the cost of these becomes an added challenge and leaves a few prohibitive unless some how I hit the Powerball. Now back to the blog title. The dime pictured is the average condition in which my series run grades with the goal of an equal eye appeal across the run as possible. Another added challenge. I call you're attention to the date, this weeks subject. Enjoy!

12 Sep 2020

A Growing Trend

Coins | Long Beard

In my forty-five plus years of collecting I have been witness to many trends in the coin market. The most common of these has been colorized and plated coinage, of which all but a few were created by non-government minting facilities. Many of these were, and still are, simply legal tender coinage colorized or plated over. As such, these trends have risen and fallen over those years. The greatest trend currently is ruthenium. Admittedly, I find some of these interesting and worthy of collecting. A high percentage of collectors, particularly us seasoned or those with deep pockets, shun them as being nothing short of a novelty. Rightfully so when discussing a patriotic themed Peace Dollar or a ruthenium and rose gold Walking Liberty half dollar. While these types of "coins" have existed for years, world mints have slowly introduced their own. Which is the subject of this week's blog. A topic which arose following an explosion of posts and comments on the forums with the release of the 2020 U.S. Mint Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative. Enjoy!

11 Aug 2020

To Grade or No..A Mid-week Blog

Coins | Long Beard

Scrolling through a few online coin forums and seeing one of the most commonly asked questions "Should I get this graded?", or a variation thereof, I thought I'd post a short piece on the subject.

02 Aug 2020

A Similar Scenario

Coins | Long Beard

One of the hottest current topics which goes beyond the numismatic community is the coin shortage. The subject for this week looks back to the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 for comparison to COVID-19 as it applies to coinage. Specifically 1922 when only the Lincoln Cent Peace Dollar were struck.First, one must understand that there is no "shortage" of coinage as billions have and are being struck by the mints adding to what already exists in Reserve vaults. The issuestems from a supply chain disruption caused by the closure of businesses which keep the coinage flowing.While I found no definitive proof of a supplyissue during the Spanish Flu, only the manner in which it affected large and small cities alike, the certainty of the same would seem logical.While the conclusions drawn are of my own opinion, a look at the mintage numbers becomes a strong indicator for history repeating it's self. Enjoy!


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