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26 May 2021

For You Mike

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For those following my blog posts, you may know that I began shifting heavier towards world coinage. The topic of this weeks blog is dedicated to my fellow Irishman, Mike. The 1966 10 Shilling, or commonly referred to as the 50th Anniversary Easter Rising Commemorative. This one being in the much rarer proof version. So Enjoy!

The obverse depicts a simple bust of Padraig (Patrick) Pearce and a reverse bearing the statue of the Irish mythological hero Cu Chulaiin, the miniature statue which resides at the General Post Office in Dublin. Both were designed by engraver T. Hugh Paget. It also bears edge lettering, Eirc Amach Na Casca (1916 Easter Rising). The composition is .833 silver, the balance copper, with a weight of 18.144 grams (just over half an ounce). The diameter is 30.55 mm with a thickness of 3.21, making this a heft coin about the size of half dollar only thicker. The proof version were packaged in a green leatherette box with white lining. The coin encased in a black ring air-tite. The only markings on the box is a black harp design on the inside cover. And that is what I'm searching for, not the reproduction boxes of which there are plenty.

Two million of were struck in the standard form with another 20,000 in proof, like the one being discussed. Apparently, the sale of these did not reach the half way figure due to 1,270,000 being melted by the Central Bank of Dublin in 1971 during the country's conversion to decimalization. Many more were confined to the same fate by private individuals during the silver spike of 1980/81. While the survival rates are unknown, and based on Numista's frequency in the market place of 97% for the standard and 5% for proof, the latter could realistically be less than 3,000. The one pictured, those set on blue background, was picked up relatively cheap comparative to the surviving number for $47.00.

As for grading, NGC confirmed a total of 40 with 14 being PF66 CAM and 4 in PF67 CAM. While PCGS confirms 79, of those 23 in PF66 CAM and 10 in the next grade. Comparing the images with one from both graders (images sourced from online websites), in my personal opinion, under ten power magnification of my loupe this example is easily a proof 67 Cameo. Bordering on an ultra or deep cameo. There are no visible flaws that I see. As for a value, Whyte's of London sold a PF66 in 2018 for 230 euro while Heritage sold a like graded for $230.00 in 2019. So I think I scored huge on this one even after I send it to be graded. Hope you enjoyed the read.

I understand I'm asking about an opinion based on images alone, however, do you think this betters the grade on the two slabs?

Edit- The two third party grades, the highest I could locate, are for comparison to the one I recently purchased. I assure you, it is extremely bright- chrome like, with a very light blue/violet hint around the border perhaps a 16th of an inch wide. Aside from that, only two tiny ticks on the obverse visible under 10x magnification. Those in the image were dust particles on the 2x2. I'll be sending it in shortly.


Beautiful coin. It has no listel, like a medal. Manage to get one but not as beautiful as the one presented. A good article that invites you to learn about the history related to this historic broadcast. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Quite a tribute. A wonderful coin.


Level 6

A real beauty! Interesting blog and history. Thanks for sharing this with us. ; )


Level 5

Great blog and very nice coin LongBeard ! Thanks for sharing. My numismatic lesson for today!


Level 6

Nice blog and nice coins


Level 5

Very interesting coin and history behind the coin. Wouldn't mind joining the club of people who own one. Thanks for the post.


Level 6

Slab that baby. It deserves a nice life now. I think you have a beauty there. I have looked up the story of these in the past. It is very inspiring and worth looking up. Fantastic blog full of history. Well done. Let us know what it grades if you send it in. Thanks.


Level 7

I did leave a comment but it wasn't right. First thank you very much for the dedacation. I'm honored. . This as most know is one of my personal favorites. It speaks of my country's history. I must speak of the obverse . Yes this man is a mythical hero. It's said wounded he tied himself to a post. The BrItish would not advance on him. That until a raven landed on his shoulder. Then and only then did they advance and the him down.. It's a wonderful coin and I am proud to own one.. I would put it in a slab. For protection!Thanks my friend much appreciated.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A beautiful design and a much better story behind it. Thanks for sharing LB!!!!

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