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13 Nov 2022

Things Gained

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This week's blog is somewhat out of the ordinary from the usual about numismatics, in that it is about why this member found himself here, what I've learned and the things noticed. Enjoy!

While there are many place in which to begin this blog as I set here typing away, an observance of the ANA website and in particular this very page continues to arrive at the forefront . Young and new members. Although an invaluable component to a hobby which would quickly fade without, the part they play is that which needs to be examined more closely. Before proceeding further, in no way is this an attempt to gain followers or silly points for my own benefit. Nor is it to slander or pass judgement upon any member or reader. In fact, quite the opposite. Participation. As a member myself for going on four years, I've gained many friends and followers through this organization. 59 friends and 76 followers to be exact. Of these, on average seven or eight reply to the blogs routinely posted in as much time. Looking closer at other member's posts, both on the blog and forum pages, the vast majority of our membership simply shares their passion without comment or reply to others as well. So I find myself searching as to why and pondering if they are even read them. Again, not to criticize or cast ill, it is extremely important to participate even on occasion or in some small capacity. As an example, and not to single anyone out, the roll collectors. If this is your niche within our hobby, to not read, question or reply to a posting only means that you are missing out on valuable experience, insight and knowledge of others. Another aspect is that perhaps they feel uncomfortable, unable to find the words. Once you do, a whole new enjoyment to what you collect will be achieved. Not to mention knowledge. For those who do reply and comment, if by chance you know or communicate with them, give them encouragement. Speaking for myself, I post blogs to entertain and have others do further exploration. If you learn something from this novice, well that's a bonus. Because I'll stop learning when I'm on the other side of the grass.

So that brings me to why I am here. Learning may very well be a top reason, with gaining friendship along the way a close second, yet it's also the motivational factor. As a collector of many years, slowing but not pausing over as much, the numismatic objects, subjects and topics of discussions our members present leave me striving for much, much more. Having acquired such a large and continually expanding hoard you have shown this old fart that it pales as to what's available. Truly endless. Due to this several of which have openly provided me with advice and personal experience when I need it. For that I say thank you. Although I've personally met many others through coin shows, brick and mortar dealers or other forums, few compare to the members found at the ANA. You are the best!

The two images are of the only ANA convention metal in the hoard. Thus far. It seemed appropriate for the blog subject rather than the default ANA images.


It's Mokie

Level 6

I used to try and make some comment, at least an attaboy, on every blog. In recent years I find it more useful to pick out the blogs with some subject of interest and make, hopefully, a helpful comment or addition to the discourse. The blogs that I do not comment on are usually completely out of my interest areas or are otherwise problematic (IMHO). I actually find it increasingly difficult to even log into the site. I think many of you know why.


Level 5

Very good points. I am so busy with school and after-hours activities it can seem like an eternity getting back to reading blogs and comments. I continue to learn with each blog and member feedback.


Level 6

Very well said. I try to comment something on most blogs, not all. I do read the comments also as they often have something to learn in them. I wish we could get back to having well written COIN blogs again. Thanks LB.

Interesting ANA convention medal.

Doug S.

Level 4

Well said! Ive learned so much and the encouragement that members give each other is a breath of civility that seems absent too often in the world today. I have begun a small collection of English coinage, Victorian Jubilee from1888, as a result of information/blogs here and members of my local coin club! Regards Doug


Level 6

Great thoughts LB. I always enjoy your blogs! For me I like to comment on everyone's blog. Even if I don't have a long comment I want to acknowledge the blog and the person who took the time to write the blog. We don't seem to have that many participants anymore. Lets all try to value our fellow bloggers. Cool medals! ; )


Level 6

You have some good thoughts. I do not always write comments . I guess because some blogs are similar to ones in the past. I know the writer might not know that. I am not in it for the points,. I know some bloggers are in it for the points, so I reframe from commenting on their blog.


Level 5

I am not currently blogging at the rate I once was. There are several reasons for this. One is that I am now retired, and my collecting has slowed considerably. However, I still respond to blogs if I have something pertinent to say. Nonetheless, I almost always learn something when I read the blogs and responses here. Simply put, I'm here for the personal enjoyment of the hobby. Anytime I blog or respond to a blog, it is to share my joy with other collectors.

AC coin$

Level 6

We shall LEARN so much from all others and LOOK forward to open minds into the numismatics World. Your excellent souvenir package is an eye opener for all as it shows the quality and features for further research. Thanks for your contribution.


Level 7

You summed it all up. We write these blogs in detail so we don't deny the reader any information he or she made need and lern from. Personally those who don't comment its there loss.. If a blog helps one or two I'm happy because there now well informed. I don't like making comments. Frankly I don't care. Your denying yourself the reason your here. Learning!.Your blogs I always pick something up. Those who look and see a coin say nice coin. Keep that to yourself you don't know what the blog is about. Thanks my friend I kook forward to all your blogs!! I always read the comments. You learn from them also!!

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