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01 Apr 2022

What I Learned Today

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On any given week I do research for the forth coming blog. In doing so, a thought occurred to begin a series of weekly blog posts with a very unique twist. First and foremost, I would add that the inspiration arose from Longstider's weekly toner forum. Enjoy!

On the reverse of the Kennedy half dollar, the design behind and above the eagle, which consists of 15 rays, nine stars and a mass of clouds, is called aglory, and is a common design element of both heraldry and an earlier period of numismatics.

And now for the twist. In the comment section, I thought it might be enjoyable to participate as a viewer of these blogs by adding something you might have learned. Not necessarily in the past week or that you'll need to Google something. Simply anything which comes to mind, something you saw or perhaps heard. The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Nothing is trivial or silly. So what are your thoughts on this sort of weekly blog? Or would it be best as a forum format?



Level 5

Sounds interesting to many collectors.


Level 5

That sounds like a good idea to me too! A great step to tell others your numismatic knowledge. Thanks!


Level 5

Magnification only helps if you know what you are looking for (lifelong learning!)!

Long Beard

Level 5

Or when you're too old. The guy who invented the lighted type is my hero.

Long Beard

Level 5

Thank you all! I see that you understood where this is going, some very interesting topics for certain, that there is no requirement to add any of your own to simply enjoy reading these. So a blog it shall be, I was leaning heavily towards the forum side pondering this.

It's Mokie

Level 6

The Bashlow Confederate Cents manufactured in the 1960's were not actually struck with original Confederate Dies, instead the old dies were used to make transfer dies for the Bashlow coins because the old dies would have disintegrated if they had actually been used to make the Bashlow copies. Interestingly, the advertising for the coins, at that time, omitted that fact and made it appear the original dies were used.


Level 6

Great idea! I think a blog format would be a better choice. Toner Tuesday is good fun too! ; )

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Awesom ! Great blog .


Level 6

I like the idea. Glad my forum inspired you. The other day my post office lady left 4 Kennedy half dollars in my PO Box. Two '64's, a '65, and a '66. All BUs. All from her dads collection she inherited. Pretty cool. She retired Thursday. Sad for me good for her.


Level 6

Thanks for the blog. I learn something new.


Level 5

Sounds like a great idea to me buddy. I agree with Mike, that a weekly blog like this would be appropriate. Being the proud owner of a collection of the Kennedy half dollar, along with Mike, I saw and learned numerous things about this series. Since this was the first series I attempted to collect, the 2 things that stand out in my mind is that the book I purchased by Rick Tomaska wasn’t cheap and that there are a couple of years that were divided into type one and type two. Thanks for posting and talk to ya soon!


Level 7

A weekly blog I would agree with. This way no one gets backed up or lost. Two times the regular bloggers and the kids we would lose blogs. Possibly good ones. This group of kids are smart. There writing good blogs. So they all add up . it takes me ten days to write one anyway. . That's all just a guess!!

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