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16 May 2022


Coins | user_74766

I turn 70 last January and I'm just getting into coin collecting. I have watched a ton of YouTube videos. Im hungry to learn more. QUESTION: I bought a microscope for looking at coins but I don't know what the best software is to download. Any suggestions?




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Mine came with my microscope.


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I appreciate the warm welcome!!! Bill


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Welcome to the ANA site, Bill. There is so much to learn so you came to the right place. If you are curious, just ask anyone here a question and I’m sure they will get back to you. Coin collecting is such a great hobby. Good luck!

AC Coin$🌎

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Welcome to the ANA World. We are here to help and learn, numismatics is the passion and art that makes collecting fun and interesting. @Longstrider gave you a great hint. Good luck.


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Welcome to a wonderful web-site! Lots of information and great fellow coin collectors here! ; )


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Here is a link to another one. There is also a Mac version. https://en.freedownloadmanager.org/Windows-PC/Plugable-Digital-Microscope-Driver-FREE.html


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Welcome Bill. Mike here. I will be 70 in September. . There is no hobby better for us than coins. It keeps us sharp. I bought a scope last year. I use it to find imperfections. This way I know the quality is good. I wish you luck . If you need help that's what were here for.!! Enjoy!!


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Welcome fellow old dude. I just used the software that came with the scope. Digital Viewer. What happens when you pug it into you computer? Does it have any suggestions? Good luck.

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