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11 Feb 2020

Lincoln shield cent has known errors!

| Carlray5522

Great news for those searching pennies for errors there’s been recent discoveries in the shield cent that shows doubling in several varieties and different locations of the coin! Got to check and see if anyone is finding any of the pieces here?



Level 7

They are called cents in the U.S. In the U.K. There called pennies


Level 3

Want pennie

I would put more information on these errors, and this is exciting. Although a W mint mark is coll and all, I still find an accidental rarity ten times better than one specifically made to be rare. I'll keep my eye out.


Level 6

Always fun to check your change


Level 6

Cool. I love searching cents. How about some info on these new ones, please? Thanks and welcome.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Where did you source this interesting information?


Level 5

Have an interest in errors, but have not gotten into collecting them. I do check my change sometimes. Would be interested in searching a big bag of cents for errors just for fun. Hope to hear more on the years and types and will research this. Thanks for the information.


Level 7

No I have not found any new cents here. Not yet. If you could provide the years that would help. Thaks for telling us


Level 2

First blog

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