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11 Jan 2018

Will Martin Luther King Jr. ever get a U.S. coin?

| Well worn Copper

This month marks the 89th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. With King's birth centennial coming up in 2029, many feel it is time for placing him on a coin. I can remember congressional proposals being drawn up for a King coin as early as 1979/80, but nothing ever happening. In fact, since 2001 there have been numerous proposals in Congress calling for a MLK coin. Here are a few examples:

*In 2001, a MLK commemorative coin act was proposed.
*In 2003, a MLK dollar coin was proposed.
*In 2004, the MLK commemorative coin act was revived.
*And in 2013, a MLK one cent coin was proposed, with the then-current Lincoln Memorial reverse intact.

Sorry to say, none of these proposals has ever become reality. We have had Susan B. Anthony on a dollar (which, it seems , no one was happy about) as well as Sacagawea, not to mention every sitting president who has since died. Personally, I think we ought to leave the dollar coin alone because it's just numismatic window dressing anymore. The same for the half dollar. While a commemorative would be nice,  I believe we'll see one in 2029. What would really be nice is an actual  circulating piece. The dime is a good candidate. Nothing has happened to it since 1946, and even collectors yawn when looking at one.  As an after thought, the African-American depiction of Liberty on the 225th anniversary  of the U.S. Mint medal would also look great on something like the dime. I believe an MLK coin would make a nice change to our change.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i would expect to see him on the dollar coin or maybe the quarter issues after 2021. who knows, only time will tell


Level 5

I'm sure it will happen at some point. It almost has too.


Level 5

Great blog! Lots of information and well thought out words. I'm sure someday the Mint will honor MLK on a coin or commemorative.


Level 3

I think that he will.


Level 3

I like the idea. Especially to have it on a circulating coin.


Level 6

Someday.. It will take sooo long for our government to do anything.. Thanks!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a great Pastor, peace loving, civic leader, Christian man! It will be nice to see a coin honoring him in the near future.

Mike 272

Level 6

Just remember there finally getting around to world war one veterans and those who lost their lives. I think that was way over do . I hope it's soon. He was a great man but the system is to me all backwards. Mike.

Mike 272

Level 6

There will be one. I'm sure of it. It's just there dumb schedule. Remember they get hundreds of request for commemoratives. I see one commuting very soon. A few years. Thanks good point. Mike.


Level 5

Good blog. I'm surprised there still isn't a MLK coin, not even a commem. I recall a small silver coin from Guinea depicting him.


Level 5

Very thoughtful blog. I believe someday there will be a MLK coin.

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